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May 05 2013

Kevin Feige talks Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2. He says that "the scenes that Joss has of just the characters sitting around and interacting are hilarious and are awesome and are moving and a notch or two above the first movie."

I think there is a "Special thanks to Joss Whedon" credit in Iron Man Three.
@eddy - Yes I saw that as well. Makes me wonder what specific input he may have had. Probably something during late-stage post production I'd imagine.
I have to believe that Feige has a think tank of writers that can throw out suggestions for each of the movies.
I saw Iron Man 3 yesterday and of course stayed through the credits to see the post credit scene.I can also confirm that yes,there is a "special thanks to Joss Whedon" credit there.

The movie was great.
Yeah, I thought IM3 was outstanding, truly. Shane Black really brought his style to it, while keeping it consistent with the universe established so far. In retrospect I can see some of the criticism about ironic detachment, but everything worked for me in the moment.

I'm pretty excited for the second phase of the Marvel films, if this film is any indication of how it's gonna be.
Aw, I waited til the credits to see the lovely post credit scene but guess I missed the thanks 'cause I was busy discussing the movie with my friend.

That and me missing the first 5 minutes of the movie urge me to watch it again :D perhaps in 3D this time.
Was very disappointed with the movie... the post-credits scene definitely helped soothe the disappointment, though.
I kinda agree prettymaryk; the thank you to Joss, and the closing post-credits scene were high points for me. Don't get me wrong, it was exciting and Ben Kingsley was totally awesome, but Iron Man 3 didn't really seem to mean anything. At least not to me.

AVENGERS broke so many records because people went to see it more than once, I think that Iron Man 3 is way better than Iron Man 2 was, but neither one of them need to be seen multiple times.

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I liked IM3 a lot more than IM2. If I could have a mashup of IM and IM3 and skip 2, I'd be happy. I loved the character development of 3, but wished there was just a little more. The post credits scene was fantastic.
Didn't mean anything? I thought it was a very nice exploration of some themes introduced previously in the Avengers, primarily "who is Tony Stark without the suits?" If this is the final Iron Man standalone (tough to think it would be with the box office), I think they ended the trilogy on a high note myself, and a much more idiosyncratic one than I was expecting. It's truly a Shane Black movie, he more or less hijacked a superhero franchise to do what he does, and appears to have a blast doing it.
I am a little disappointed as well. They tried to recapture the Whedon humor but fall flat most of the times (there were some highlights). And it seemed trying too hard, which put me off. There was also an issue of not seeing Iron Man that much. It was not like TDK and TDKR in which we rarely see Batman, it was more like Ang Lee's Hulk where there is a build up of anticipation to see the awesomeness. But it didn't work for me as well.

But the action scenes were really great. Shane Black has some great ideas on how to shoot them and they were breathtaking. I loved Pepper's newfound strength too. Tony's struggles didn't feel earned but his scenes with the kid were priceless. The post credits scene was the best part of the movie. And I clapped at the special thank you to Joss.

I loved Ben Kingsley but would prefer a different approach to Mandarin. Like in IM 2, the villain was not strong and exciting enough. It could be, but they cut it too short without capitalising on the character. Not as anti-climatic as IM2 though; that was horrible.

Moving forward, I am happy with how Phase 2 started. Expected more, but this would do. Even if Robert Downey Jr. doesn't want to do action scenes, they now can have him sit at the Stark Manor and control the suits. We didn't get much clues on how the story would evolve to the Avengers 2. I expected stuff about the gems and Thanos and would like a more connected feel to the future movies.
I'm calling it now: Avengers 2 is going to be better than Avengers. Superhero sequels are often the better movie and Joss tends to get stronger after he gets all the exposition-y stuff out of the way and he can concentrate on pure awesome.
I agree with under rug report - I thought it was trying too hard and the humour didn't work for me for the most part. I loved Tony's scenes with Pepper, and with the boy, and even Tony randomly turning detective, but somehow the whole Tennessee subplot seemed quite a bit forced. It felt like a rushed attempt at a road-trip combined with a rushed attempt at a detective story. Also, while Ben Kingsley was wonderful, the Mandarin's motives were basically nonexistent.

The other thing was that, despite having some funny scenes (and several more attempts at funny scenes) there were some really unpleasant elements to the film that I didn't expect. SPOILER

And I hated the ending. SLIGHT SPOILER

My main problem wasn't with the acting, of course, or the way it was put together, but with the writing. I went and rewatched Iron Man 2, and really appreciated the dialogue - both the lines themselves and the way they're edited. Iron Man 3 didn't have that spark to it, I thought. But... hopefully there will be a fourth.
I am starting to think I saw a different movie this weekend than everyone else.
I thought that it had tdkr level plot holes.
I loved Iron Man 3. Marvel seems to really know what it's doing movie-wise.
I loved it also.
Great movie and I love what they did with the Mandarin and Pepper. Tony's banter with the kid had me laughing out loud and missing the next line. Not seeing (or really caring about) the plot holes mentioned above. Can't wait to see it again!
I loved it. Very funny, big but didn't get lost inside itself.
I loved it, and thought they dealt with the very sticky situation of the Mandarin delightfully well.
I thought it was great, best of the three. Also the only Iron Man film I've actually seen in the cinema.
I loved it as well. Didn't quite reach the heights of the first film for me, but miles better than the second. My favorite thing was that I actually felt that Tony had grown as a person by the end and I could see how that development had happened. I can't help but feel like Joss's character driven approach to the heroes in the Avengers is going to be a good influence on Phase 2.
I liked Iron Man 3 whenever Tony was interacting with Pepper and the kid, and enjoyed Kingsley a lot, but tended to nod off during big battle/explosion scenes. Hardly remember the other villain. Glad I waited for the post credit scene, it made it all worth while.

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