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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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May 05 2013

Joss, you beautiful badass. "Characters, characters, characters": a discussion of the directorial panache setting awesome Sir Jossome in a league of his own.

I was with him up until he complimented that new Die Hard movie. Worst movie I've seen this year easily.

EDIT: As roofpig pointed out, this blog was written by an "Emily", so probably a not a "he". Sorry Emily!

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I don't think she was saying that either of the most recent 'Die Hard' movies were great movies, just that they were more character driven than the first ones were.

I'm glad the 'spoiler' warning was removed, because I didn't see any spoilers here. It is a good point being made about Joss putting character front and center (which makes the Hulk so compelling).

edited to note that I didn't notice that the blog was written by a woman (I don't blame myself for using the pronoun 'he' before, she shouldn't hide her light under a bushel).

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I remember after leaving the theater after watching "Avengers", my friends and I discussed how we loved all of the characters here better than in their original movies.

And of course, it all came down to Joss. In Joss we trust!!! Bring on Avengers 2!!!
Great blog. It's nice every once in a while to be reminded what makes Joss so great.
I may be very very wrong, but I believe the post this thread is about was written by "Emily C." -- a female.

Not trying to start a war, just trying to point out that the "I was with him" and "I don't think he was saying..." comments may be falling into the trap/gender bias of assuming someone is male.

(possibly not the most heinous crime ever, but also possibly missing out on a lot, especially given the frequent themes of Joss's work)
You're absolutely right roofpig, my mistake.

The first Die Hard is a lot more character-driven than the 5th one though.

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