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May 06 2013

Check out the official 'Much Ado About Nothing' website. You've probably already seen the trailer but there's several pics you may not have seen before.

Gorgeous website, only wish there was a news section for upcoming festival showings and also international dates.
Do we know anything about the production budget for the movie?

I'm glad to see it has been getting nice buzz -- including several Audience Appreciation awards -- so hopefully it'll bring in a decent profit to help fund more creative work in the future.
It's nice, but without any information about screenings, it's just pretty.
SteveP, at one point Joss had said that 'Much Ado' cost less than 'Doctor Horrible' to make, and 'Doctor Horrible had cost around $300k. My understanding is that even though 'Much Ado' is twice as long as 'Doctor Horrible' it
1. is in Black & White
2. has no CGI effect
3. has no remote sites, it was all filmed at his house (which he got to use for free, albeit with a little inconvenience to his kids).

And NumfarPTB, I really agree: it is a lovely site, but I want a section with information about all future showings. I want details on where it will be opening and when (if only three cities are getting in June 7th I want to know when it will widen).
It's supposed to head to other US cities on June 21st, supposedly based on how it does in NY, SF and LA on June 7th. It'll be heading to other cities on the 21st, no matter what
And it isn't even up to date. It talks about the film being set to premiere at the 2012 TIFF.
Exactly. Much Ado is not really helping people find its shows. Trying to find information about it been a rather frustrating experience. I'm going to a NYC screening I only found out about because it was posted here. Will it be coming to the DC area later in June? No idea.
Does anyone else think that it's weird that Nathan Fillion's bio doesn't mention Firefly but lists Buffy?
Methinks perhaps Master Whedon had not overmuch direct contact with yon website ...
That is a bit weird considering it mentions Serenity (and then goes to mention both Firefly and Serenity on Maher's. But then Maher does have a shorter and less well-known filmography?). But the website is strangely wide, isn't it?
We went to a Regal cinemas theater this weekend and they handed out a summer movie booklet with Much Ado in the listing. I took that as a good sign.

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