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May 06 2013

Joss Whedon talks about The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.. This is the second part of an interview conducted with Joss at the Glasgow Film Festival back in February. Part one, which focusses on Much Ado About Nothing, can be found here.

When is the May upfronts? This week or next?
I believe ABC's is on the 14th
I love this interview. I googled 'upfronts 2013' and it seems likt it'll be mid-May, but will we hear the results right away? Of course if SHIELD is picked up then hopefully we'll get tweets and photos of everyone getting together to start working on the show right away!
Yes the ABC upfront is May 14 in the afternoon. It's is very likely we will hear this week in advance of their presentation to advertisers that SHIELD is picked up. At the latest it will be tweeted immediately by those watching the presentation in NYC or online. Usually you have to have an invitation (work for ABC, press, etc.) to watch the simulcast (before anyone asks).
So the pilot will not air in May? (i know 'pregunta estupida.') This is honestly the first time I've had any interest in a show before it aired...
(and I find it charming how Joss was "worried about an Avengers' story." Yes the movie was a BFD, but The Avengers is more of a hardcore title- they hit the perfect distance between 'playing to fanboys' and 'expanding the audience.' The success came from making the hard core more than what it was. and I'll admit here I have never bought a single Avengers comic book.)
The pilot would air when the show premieres, as pilots do.

ETA: Unless they decide to be weird an air or stream it early. Which I mention not because anyone's said they will, but to cover my ass in this reply. ;)

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It's likely to be a big network premiere in the fall, BarryC.
I am really on the edge of my seat waiting for a pick-up announcement. If this doesn't go to series, I'll be quite disappointed.
AnotherFireflyfan, if SHIELD doesn't get picked up then I will be shocked and amazed.
embers, I'd be shocked too, but I've learned from experience never to get your hopes up on anything regarding tv series pick-ups or renewals.
Does anyone else get the awkward mental picture of Joss making out with Amy Acker when he says he wishes he was Benedick?
Yes. But then he said he wants to be Iron Man, which is 100% the correct answer.

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