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May 06 2013

(SPOILER) NPR on Tony Stark as the new Captain America. An interesting discussion of Joss's juxtaposition of the Captain and Tony Stark in Avengers and where Iron Man 3 takes that.

Some mild spoilers for things that happen in Iron Man 3 if you haven't seen it yet.

Your twitter feed just tweeted this headline. I'm pretty sure you just ruined something important about the film I haven't seen yet. =(
^No worries. The headline ruins nothing.
I can confirm the above statement. The headline has no relation to the plot of Iron Man 3.
IRON PATRIOT figures have been on store shelves since Xmas? (and Avengers 2 FB page had pics of same.)
EDIT-the article is metaphoric, no real spoilers in it. It spends more time on The Avengers than IM3. (actually a fairly deep analysis of our favored Marvels, it fits the way these movies are being made.)

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You beat to the punch posting this. :) I think the article summed up what I love most about Tony; he really does have to work at being a decent person, but not in the way that someone like Angel might have. Rather than coming to terms with an evil background, Tony's struggle is an everyday kind of conflict that I think most of us encounter as some point. Really great read.
Interesting analysis. And some good points about Joss's economy of writing for these two characters. Amazing that "genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" always played as a joke, is a joke, and yet reveals a lot about Tony and America as a whole...
It should also be noted that it wasn't really until Tony decided to quit making weapons (except for, you know, himself and Rhodey) that he actually became an active philanthropist. Prior to that, he was like any other rich person who supported causes. Did he know each one? His arrival at the party in the first movie was prompted by seeing it on the news. His work to help others doesn't come full circle until he builds the suit, then realize people could be helped in other ways, not just physically. His decision to stop building weapons and control the damage is his first act of active philanthropy.

So when he says to Cap that he's a philanthropist it actually rings true. It's not an empty attribute. Whereas him saying he's a playboy in the same line rings hollow because he's already in a committed relationship with Pepper. It's an attempt to mask the side he's unfamiliar with (philanthropist) with a carefree lifestyle that typically impresses others (playboy).
I'm not sure how accurately we can describe it as a 'committed relationship' at that point of the movie. We know there are feelings there, but in IM2 he was distracted by the process server and Natasha. (Have you noticed Natasha looks like a dolled-up version of Scarlett Johansen? ME-OWR!)
Tony's line about 'sure...why not?' at the end of Avengers shows he NEEDS Pepper-but he won't admit it. (Even though Pepper is a dead ringer for The World's Most Beautiful Woman!)
At the least, the title of playboy is like mental armor, which he is too used to to let go of. He may just be using the description to advance how he is seen by the world-which may have been what drove him to his heroic actions...

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Well, I'm referring to The Avengers, which seems to take place significantly later than the events of IM2. This is to the extent that Pepper and Tony are much more familiar with Coulson and has already participated in a number of SHIELD-related projects. They seemed much more comfortable with each other by then.
There's a moment in "Iron Man 3" that I think played very much with the fallout of Steve's affect on Tony from "Avengers" -- and surely it's part of a theme that resonates throughout this film, how the events of that movie changed Tony before the start of this one. It's when
I noticed Tony's fighting style had more Avengers-y moves to it this time, like he's been paying attention to Cap and others. He was getting away with some moves that would not have been credible in the earlier films without a suit on, but there was an "I'm improvising really well!" air to it always. He's an Avenger now! He can get away with more. He's still amusingly out of his depth compared to a professional soldier though. That is always a nice touch.
I figured I'd throw in the spoiler tag just in case someone wanted to know absolutely nothing about Iron Man 3, since the article itself talks about events in the movie. I know I'm that way. :-)

Otherwise, I thought the article was super interesting, not just in terms of it's analysis of both Avengers and Iron Man 3, but also as a reflection of general attitudes in the U.S. There's always going to be some sort of nostalgia for the Cap and his mom and apple pie way of life, but I can't really think of anyone who wouldn't want to be a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist these days.

And for the record, I don't have a Twitter account.

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