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May 07 2013

Serenity Steelbook Blu-ray coming out in the US. has it listed for a release on June 25th. Plus you get three other formats of the movie thrown in for good measure.

Personally not a fan of the cover art... But, still, awesome!
Yeah, it would work better if Serenity had been based on a comic book, but it's not, so the cover is a bit odd. Still very cool though. I'm a sucker for steelbooks
The comic book artwork style is from Universal's 'Reel Heroes' range. They did the same covers for the likes of Hellboy 2, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim etc.

But it's based on the artwork that was used to promote Serenity in Europe (which I always liked).
Yeah, I just noticed that myself. But yeah, the European artwork is better. And there's already drama in the reviews section. Oh boy.
Are there any new special features, or is the only thing new besides the case, the fact they are throwing in a 'digital copy' (aren't blu-ray and dvd digital? We should just be allowed to rip them ourselves.)

As a fan of Firefly, I really wouldn't mind quadruple dipping if there was something new brought into the mix. (I already got the dvd, special edition dvd, and bluray).
I don't there is unfortunately. And digital copy means a copy you can download into a computer or some such as opposed to it being on a disk (from which you have to rip it or some such). I mean, I'm interested because I don't have a blu ray copy or a physical copy.
They need to release the Science Channel Browncoats Unite special.
The person wanting more information (2 stars) is a joy.
@Jaymii - seriously - reviews are supposed to be for people that own the product. They have forums on product pages for questions and comments.
Gorrammit! Yet ANOTHER version I have to buy!
@AnotherFireflyFan - While BD and DVD are technically digital, in this case they mean purely digital as opposed to digital encoded onto a physical medium, though I assume you were actually being rhetorical. Yes, we should be allowed to rip our own (which is one reason I do) digital copies :). Throw it on your Plex Media Server and watch it anywhere!
I had seen this a few weeks ago, but wasn't sure how to, or if I should, make it a story with only the Amazon page to link to. Now I know.

In other news, the Serenity (Collector's Edition) (2005) DVD is OOP and no longer being made. Other sources may still have a few, but there are only 5 left at Amazon:
Hrm. That's very interesting. So if you want a DVD copy, you'd have to buy the steelbook. Plain blu ray looks like it might be around a bit longer though.
Not quite TenTonParasol.

The standard DVD "Serenity (Widescreen Edition) (2005)"

Is still in print, but it's of course the most basic version. So anyone wanting extras will soon have to look to Blu-Ray.
Hrm. But no extras. I personally preferred Blu ray anyway. ;)
Are there any new features included? Or is it just the same as before, but packaged in an awesome metal case?
What is a "steelbook"? I've never heard of them. Thx
@ skreechowl,

I don't think that we know what features it may or may not have yet. Other than the Amazon page, I haven't seen any announcements yet.

@ madmolly,

It's a DVD/Blu-Ray case made out of metal. They're often Limited Editions and popular with some fans. Some people collect them and some just buy the ones they're interested in. You can see a lot of them just by searching for "steelbook" either at Amazon or on the web.

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