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February 27 2004

(SPOILER) Possible Guest Star for the finale? Interesting news on a certain ex-BTVS cast member who has some free time that coincides for when they film the final episode of Angel...

I have to point out that on the 24th of March, it will be Alyson's 30th birthday (and by a bizarre Buffyverse coincedence it will be my 30th birthday as well).

It may will be that she is heading back to the States to take some time off from the play and celebrate her birthday with Alexis.
Interesting. I still think it's a possibility as Alyson has already said she hasn't appeared because she hasn't been asked, and if she is the "old friend from sunnydale" that is mentioned in Shells (probably a phone call), then she might eventually turn up and do her mojo to restore Fred.

I think I'm being overly optimistic here. oh well :-)

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Well there's still a fair chance that she will guest, don't forget that Joss Whedon was in London this week to see Alyson Hannigan and Tony Head in their respective plays. He may have asked the both of them to guest :).
It would be great for Tony Head to reprise Giles...I miss English!
Willow'd be cool! Although much as I'd really like the whole scooby gang to be there (I DO RELISE THIS WOULD NEVER EVER HAPPEN,OK?)and for the Angel show to show homage to its "humble" beginnings, it would sort of wreck it if it was a buffy-thon and in that same way if Willow saved the day Angel wouldn't be a champion, oh i dunno i'm just type-thinking....lalala!
IF AH did show up, i doubt it would be to save the day, as they are writing the scripts with the assumption that there won't be any guest appearances and i doubt that if AH is suddenly available, will they rewrite it all to cast Willow in the savior light. Maybe she could contribute somehow, but it wouldn't be as the last resort. What lesson would that be for Angel?

Still not understanding why a guest star is needed at all for the finale, but...
Everyone is also aware that is the week she is filming her pilot for NBC, more than likely. Since it is pilot filming season and they are finishing up the casting for the potential series.
Oh yeah, she will be doing her pilot, but I forgot about Whedon being in London. I am surprised he has taken time out conisdering Angel has just been axed and firefly:The movie appears to be on the go. I'm sure he'd be here on business as well! Would be nice to have 2 cameos (Aly + Anthony) - just a nod to the beginning (ie. Angel's appearance in Chosen).
I gather he intended to go to London this week back in January, if not before.
makes me a little dissapointed. i like willow but i still want to see something with SMG. ill keep my hopes up till the very end.
It may be just me, but I'd rather see Eliza Dushku on Angel than Aly. Faith has a bigger connection to Angel, and she hasn't really gotten closure on the verse. In fact, Andrew didn't mention where she's been, so I'm curious as to that too. Hmm.
Ok I want everyone to make an appearance - Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles and even Andrew. The new Watcher's council comes to help the Fang Gang deal with an apocalypse. I know it's sounds crazy and yes Angel doesn't need anyone from the Buffyverse b/c it's a stand alone show but this is (or may) be it for the whole Buffy/Angel mythology as we know it. For me it would be a nice send off...
yeah that would be nice.....but man that would never happen. as for faith, i could go without seeing her.
Yes - Alyson is filming her pilot during that time. A friend of mine has tickets for it. There's a rehearsal on the 26th, and actual filming on the 31st.
I want to see Xander. That's my official opinion on this matter.
I think I would prefer an off-screen SMG or a very brief cameo, like George Clooney did in ER. She is a great actress and when she is on screen, she can never fall into the background, so I don't think the finale should be focused on her.

It would be nice to see Alyson, but she doesn't seem to excite me enough for a finale episode, although Eliza would do so for sure. That's just my twopence worth anyway.
Yay for Aly and possibly Eliza toooo!
btw, Simon, Mar 24th is my bday too (tho i will be 24 not 30) so yay for March 24th birthdays too! ;)
As much as I adore Willow, I hope the series finale doesn't include her because it would draw attention away from the regular cast, whom I want to see get a worthy send off. One of my biggest beefs with "Chosen" was that overlong (IMO) scene with Faith and Wood post-battle when all I really wanted was to see was how the core four Scoobs were faring.
Um... Aries rulz!!

That's it, oh and any scooby gang appearance is good news to me.
i didnt like the seen with faith and wood either. they were not main people from the whole series, i wanted to see more with the 4........and i definately think spike and anya deserved a little more appreciation than what they got, especially spike. nobody but buffy believed in him and then he saves them all.......he deserved credit from them
Yeah, a little more grief over Anya would have made her death more than what it was...a tear from Xander maybe...I know I had a tear...she was my favorite. Anyway, I think Willow would tie in nicely to the storyline. Freds death was supernatural so she would be a prime candidate for a resurection if they can get the super-evil out of her body. I don't know if anyone in the Angel gang could do it...maybe Wesley...but Willow fits, and I would love to see Faith back...some sort of conection from Buffy for the final few episodes. And if any character (besides regualars) ties the two shows together it's Faith. And why not bring back Cordy...she's all higer power and if she could do it once, maybe she could do it again.
Well if enyone cares (witch no one does) its going to be my birthday on march 3
willow could come back a bring fred back but i think it would be better if fred just stays dead. the whole "bring them back to life" thing is getting old. i like fred, but i think someone should at least stay dead for once.
I think Willow is one of the Buffy people who could come over and have a nice little guest shot for fans, contribute to the story....WITHOUT drawing too much attention away from the Angel crew. Or Giles for that matter. They can gab a bit and 'do a spell' while team Angel goes out to fight whatever fight there is. No prob. Not necessary, no, but it could be nice.

Xander I just don't see. He's one of the Buffy people that I really don't see having any role to play in the Angel team and storyline.

As for Buffy, I wouldn't mind seeing her reaction to Spike still being alive, but for the rest....they're not going to resolve the triangle anyway. The writers have pretty much felt everyone has moved on, but they know a lot of fans are fanatical 'shippers' so they won't want to piss them off. As Jeff Bell said the cookie dough thing basically meant : "It's not gonna work. We're both adults. Let's move on."
Norman, who says Fred is really dead? Maybe the whole point is for the audience to make us think she's dead. I mean, even Joss was advertising her death. It seems to me if she were really going to die or stay dead, they would want us to be shocked. I cry, mislead! Fred will be back. I hope.
either way, i think the whole "dead" thing or making us think their dead is old........she should stay dead, cuz i think "the come back" is tired out and wouldnt have any shock value
Well if enyone cares (witch no one does) its going to be my birthday on march 3

I care vastchipher, it's my birthday too! I'm very excited for my prezies as I'm expecting two Whedon-related items.

I have mixed feelings about the ending of Angel. I sort of want to see the time spent on the characters and not on guests but since it may well be the finale to the Buffyverse altogether, I kind of want to of the Scoobies. I keep flippy-flopping.
You know - I wish they would bring Whistler back for the final episode and final scene - cause I think that would be cool. Just my 2 cents.
Ooh! Whistler!! Good call, Raven, I'd love to see him return, too.

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