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May 09 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. picked up by ABC? So says TV by the Numbers as today's pilot pickups news continue to flurry. Promo to air during the season finale of Once Upon a Time. ETA: FWIW, another outlet has since pulled their own story, it apparently not being official yet, or some such. ETA 2: Jace Lacob tweets: "ABC won’t confirm the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. order at this point."

To add to the delightful confusion, here's the first promotional clip! It's Hulktastic.

ETA: Hollywood Reporter says announcement Friday morning with the push to begin Sunday.

Let the shock and awe ensue...
Not a surprise, but extremely welcome news nonetheless! Congratulations to Joss, Jed, and Maurissa. They're gonna do amazing things with this.
Yess! Now I just need Starz to pick up Incursion.
OMG a promo! I can't wait (and yes, I am going to go nuts over every single bit of promotion/preview we are given)!
iz excited!
Glad that hurdle's been hurdled. Can't wait to get a glimpse!
Of course, now one outlet pulled their story, because apparently the news isn't official yet. Crazy television industry is crazy.
Ok, so when is that OUAT finale? Is it in two days already?
OUAT finale is this Sunday (5/12). Hey, Joss, pick up the phone so ABC can announce your show is picked up. :)
This was probably one of the very sure things for pickup.
Boo on the uncertainty after stories are out.

I'm not retracting my #CoulsonLives tweet! Those always make our followers happier than rainbows and puppies.
I wasn't sure whether to change the . to a ? or just let it ride with the Edited to Adds.
I guess it's time to do the dance of joy once more. Numfar!
[insert lame joke about "contract negotiations" and ABC not wanting to pay Joss's ask of 100 million delaying any announcement *here*... ]

Today has been filled with potential excitment only to be turned to annoying disappointment. Boo, Thursday. Eff you. :/

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2013-05-10 00:47 ]
Hollywood Reporter reporter saying no decision has been made (read: announced) yet.
I changed it to a hopeful question mark. With irritated sadness. Is that what interrobangs are for?
Don't slaughter that fatted unicorn just yet.
*puts away the rosemary butter*
Can anyone get to the promo? It's private, can't watch it...:(
Aww what. I just watched that clip! Fail.
Promo is blocked in my country. Me, sad.

Pick it up, ABC. You know you must.
"This video has been removed by the user."
żAny description from those who saw it? ;)
Video down?!? This is no time to be worried about being sued!!! (congrats on news that may or may not be true....or condolences in the opposite case if it is and is not true.)
They're just trying to make it more frustrating/exciting for us, I bet.
The video I didn't see was absolutely awesome, guaranteeing cancellation of the series after 2.03 episodes. Poor Jacques Winston :( but welcome news for the free unicorn society!

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Grr Argh! Promo unlocked please!

Update: now unlocked. Cool but is it official?

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Check out who owns
who is the rising tide? Hydra?
The rising tide was a neo-myan terrorist organization bent on destroying the world's food supply by getting Bruce Banner stoned, unleashing the Hulk, and having him munchie the world's corn supply with vast amounts of rosemary chocolate sauce....things were going well after they kidnapped banner, unleashed the hulk in their headquarters-and he smashed them all... (some terrorist organizations are kinda dumb....)
That's the story foxnews reported...may not be true.
Not sure if this is worthy of it's own post, but it looks like Enver's pilot "Murder in Manhattan" didn't get picked up. But That they might try shopping it to Lifetime or some other cable network: link.

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Oh man, wouldn't have expected a promo as early as Sunday... EXCITED
Heres the youtube version of the ABC Hulk- S.H.I.E.L.D. ad. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter ( that an announcement of the series pickup will come sometime on Friday morning. THR reports that the marketing campaign for, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." will begin during Sunday, May 12th during the, "Once Upon a Time" season finale.

[ edited by BuffyFirefly on 2013-05-10 05:15 ]
What THR reports is exactly what the original TV by the numbers article says too.
TvByTheNumbers source appears to have been a tweet by a Soaps online news account.
Gosh, it's not like the entertainment press to chase its own tail.
@Caroline, The Hollywood Reporter practices some reporting though.

[ edited by BuffyFirefly on 2013-05-10 09:32 ]
Gosh, it's not like the entertainment press to chase its own tail.

^ This.
OK-After reading an actual description of the show...I'm juiced. Sounds like fun TV. (I hope they can get guest stars to play 'redshirts'.)
For anyone having trouble locating the... uh... "brief" teaser. no longer gives an error message, now just gives a test page.
ABC have also registered
Why has no one registered Internet! Do your job!
I kinda want
Waiting for something major to happen here always reminds me of the following:

Palin: And I've just heard from Luton that my aunt is ill. Possibly gastro-enteritis, possibly just catarrh. Gerald.
Cleese: Right. Er, Colin?
Idle: Can I just say that I'll never appear on television again?

That's the story IGN had up last night and then pulled, FWIW. It's a 404 error for some people still I think. I have two different browsers giving two different results.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-05-10 17:33 ]
Yeah I figured. But it's back up! For some or no reason!
Are they just toying with our emotions at this point?

Just make it official already!
Where's my announcement?
Huzzah! Thanks b!x. btw, I've always wondered if you pronounce your name as 'bix' because I always do.

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