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May 09 2013

Neil Patrick Harris to host Tony Awards for fourth time. NPH returns to host the 67th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 9.

He always does a spectacular job, why would then want anyone else to host?
I just adore him and am now pining for DH2, sigh....
On a related note, why have the Oscars not made the obvious play here?
Much Ado on the 7th, and Neil at the Tonys on the 9th . . . Gonna be a busy weekend!
The obvious and most excellent choice!
He is the best. I have dreamed with him in the oscars as much as with a duo between him and Hugh Jackman wherever.

On a side note, i hope Matilda wins all.

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Kinky Boots.

Neil Patrick Harris.

I may actually watch the Tony's this year!
NPH FTW! He's just the right mix of sassy, sarcastic and loving appreciation.

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