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May 09 2013

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 covers & solitations for August. Buffy #24 and Angel & Faith #25 which is the final issue of Angel & Faith's side of season 9. Extra warning for the Jeanty and Isaacs covers which could be considered very spoilery.

God I hope Giles gets resurrected. I miss him. I miss the Core 4.
Even if we get Giles back.What will be the cost?

Spoilery speculation based off the solictiation and a recent interview.

And what about Jo Chen ? I mean, when will they reveal the Welcome to the team tpb cover ?

@Buffyfantic, that's what I've been thinking too.
I continue to be wowed by the artwork. Lovely stuff from Steve, Phil and Rebekah.
I'm starting to wonder, especially with that final alt!cover, if Giles is going to be brought back only to sacrifice himself before the end.
I would like to see Giles resurrected - and then made into the Big Bad of Season 10 (which would bring the two series back together). Some how the non-magic spell works, but returns Giles w/o a soul... or maybe with Angelus' soul. THAT would be wild.
@Mr. Savath_Bunny, That would be interesting. I don't know if Angel and Faith could be redeemed for doing that, though. Buffy would be furious, especially considering her own experience with resurrection.
Also Dark Horse #27 appears to have the Buffy story continued. Jane is listed as a creator on it.
Re: Buffyfantic's post...

Seems like poor Dawnie is toast :(
CBR has the stuff for August so I swapped the link over.

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