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May 10 2013

David Fury confirms his involvement in the return of "24". Fox is looking to bring back "24" as a limited-run series.

His tweet is here. David Fury is also working on "Tyrant," the pilot for which was picked up by FX.

I was hoping he'd make his way to SHIELD :(
eddy, pretty sure he is under contract at 20th but I could be wrong about that. Someone will correct me if I am. :)

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This just reminds me of how much fun it was to see Carlos "Tony Almeida" Bernard on Castle last week.
eddy, I had the exact same thought. No doubt they'll assemble a great writer's room in any case, but it's a given that a writer's room is great if Fury's in it.
Jack is back!
When I saw his writing credit for a Hannibal episode, I hoped Fury would have a steady gig there.
No need to worry, OneTeV, I believe uncle Fury will have a solid gig anywhere.

I hope FOX can pull off this deal, I kinda' miss "24". It was quite clear "Touch" wasn't going anywhere and the movie deal went down the tubes. Yeah, I like to see Jack back.

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