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May 10 2013

Saoirse Ronan rumoured to be the "prototype" for the Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2. Superhero Hype reports on the latest casting gossip for the Avengers sequel.

I was about to post this but couldn't remember if it was a character spoiler or not. I approve of this casting if they pick her although I kinda want Quicksilver to be older which wouldn't make sense if they're twins so I guess I don't approve? Either way she's a good actress.
I would never have thought of her, but I think she would make for an excellent Wanda.
Would be great to see her in a Whedon movie !
Loved her in Hanna. She'd be a fine addition to things Whedony.
Ah, the article answers the question about how the Witch and Quicksilver are available for Avengers (though it is where they belong, of course, I had heard about Fox's apparent "all mutants" deal. I suppose Disney had to fork over some cash for this deal?). Glad to see more female Avengers, though not really familiar with this actress (or how to pronounce her name - "Sharese"??)
@LKW: It's pronounced "Seer-she" (hard e in second syllable), as it's Irish. Joss does love to make use of thespians with unique names on occasion ;D
It depends where you are, in my neck of the woods we say "Sor-sha". my info primarily from Wikipedia, so I'm sure there's more to the story ;P
BlueEyedBrigadier; "hard e" Do you mean a "long e"? Or do you mean an "e" pronounced like a "long a"?

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