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May 10 2013

"Crazy Ones" picked up by CBS. Sarah Michelle Gellar's comedy series is picked up by CBS. The comedy stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar as father and daughter and owners of an ad agency.

Whoops. Guess we posted around the same time.
Combined the two. :-)
woah, that's two great news in two days! now they only have to pick up the saint and super clyde and i'm stocked for the fall
This just sounds like so much fun - can't wait to see how it turns out!
Great news (now we're sure CBS won't take back this announcement in a few minutes?)!
I am a little bit worried that CBS will put the show on Friday (according to Deadline).
Yes !! Very happy for Sarah. I was skeptical about the pick-up, CBS had a lot of pilots and not a lot of room in their schedule. I guess they liked the pilot, so that's a good sign.
Great to hear.I don't usually go for sitcoms nowadays but I'll check it out.

I wish Ringer would of gotten a DVD release.
Yay pretty much sums it up. I also wish Ringer had gotten a DVD release, because episode twenty one of that show is all kinds of insane, in the best way.
That's great news! Yay for Sarah.
Nice!! Hooray for SMG, and wow for Robin W. in a sitcom again after all these years. [And - Yeah, Alanis!! to the o.p. That was such a great album….]
Robin Williams and SMG aren't a pair I would've ever thought to put together. I'll be interested in checking this out.

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