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May 10 2013

Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof to attend "secret screening" at SIFF. Tickets on sale Saturday morning, 10:00 AM PDT, for an unspecified film (hence the "secret") as part of Seattle International Film Festival.

But what is the film? I know, it's a secret I kid.

But no really what is the film now I want to know. A set of my favorite actors invited to anything secret would gather my attention.
I wonder if anyone told them that their site is going to break down tomorrow?
Any time a website breaks it brings a smile to my face. Always makes me think of Doctor Horrible... but then I get angry that I can't access my bank account and I "Hulk Smash" everything in site... causing me to smile yet again.

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There's also this tweet: #SECRETSIFF Hint #2: You can also find info about #Whedonverse Secret Screening & ticket link on @reddit tmrw at 10am [Link to the image Whedon used for his Reddit AMA verification]
Got my tickets and dusting off my vocal chords. Once More, with Feeling? Dr. Horrible? Time will tell.
From some of the comments on FB & Twitter, I fear that there are a few people who didn't really read the details. This isn't the Opening Gala, and it probably isn't Much Ado, but some seem to think it is. Also, this has sold out.
I saw some of those remarks, too. At least one person seems to think they are attending a "premier".

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