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May 10 2013

'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' OFFICIALLY picked up by ABC! And now it's officially official (for real)! Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been picked up. Update: EW has the logo, Zap2it the cast photo and ABC the cast photos.

I won't hold my breath. I'm awaiting a retraction any minute now...
No, everyone has it now.
It's official. It's also been reported by TVLine and HuffPo.
In the kerfluffle yesterday I started a Save SHIELD campaign. So far, the results are promising!
Save the campaign until the show's inevitable cancellation.
None of them name a source.
ABC Publicity and Maurissa has tweeted it now.
FWIW, it's from ABC. Their publicity account tweeted it, too.
traditional post-good-thing post :
Numfar, do the dance of joy!

And I'm seriously starting to get hyped up right now, wish the promo will be good.
Finally.Next stop Comic Con?
Hooray, finally! Did they wait until the moment our European mods had gone to sleep, I wonder?

This is the thread for the pickup and closely related news for the evening. Post links in the comments here please!
Shiny logo!
Buffyfantic, if it isn't at SDCC I'll buy a hat to eat.
Ha. I don't sleep.
Yeah I just noticed you'd posted on Tumblr already. :)
I'm starting a campaign to help NathanFillionBuyMarvel in case this show gets canceled in the next 20 minutes. I think we can do this guys. All we need is 4 billion dollars! Just send the donations to my paypal account. All funds will be used for maintenance on the site, upkeep costs, and my donut budget. We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty..right? guys? guys?
There's a preview event in OUAT this Sunday on ABC, more rolling out next week, and some internets stuff.

New characters to judge! I mean love unconditionally and judgingly.

A Whedon show with a preview event in May. Oh my.
Yay! #CoulsonLives
A Whedon show...with ACTUAL promotion? Say it isn't so Gossi. What is this strange new world? Let me cool my jets before the inevitable disappointment. A Whedon fan just isn't a real fan unless he can bitch about how much the network sucks at promoting the show. If they take that from me, what will I ever have left?

[ edited by eddy on 2013-05-11 01:53 ]
We all know that Fox will find a way to screw this up!!! LOL!!!
This is going to be so exciting! We'll have new shipping wars, and arguments about minutia, and worries about spoilers! My life will have meaning again!
The promo is convenient because I can't seem to quit the fairy soaps.
Yay! And Sunfire, with you on the convenience factor of the trailer placement :)

there's going to be a promo for my future new favorite TV show during my current favorite TV show?!

Sunday can't get here fast enough! :D
Must make quadrupally sure my DVR is functional. What an awesome way to end Mother's Day! Squeeeeeees!!!!
Finally, prime time will have the genius woman bio-chemist we've been waiting for. And by "we" I mean everyone who's ever known and loved one.

The rest of the news is rather good, too.

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Character Badges.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2013-05-11 05:05 ]
Where did the character badges come from? CBM links to shieldtv but I don't see anywhere on shieldtv where they found the badges. Did ABC send them to the site?

Also I just saw on shieldtv that they are saying the show will air Sundays at 8. How do they know this? I don't doubt the site because they were the first ones to post about JAR's casting but it'd be nice to know :)

[ edited by eddy on 2013-05-11 05:12 ]
The link to shieldtv at the bottom of the CBM article took me right to the badges.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2013-05-11 05:12 ]
Yes I saw that but where did SHIELDtv get the badges? I at first thought it might be fan art when I couldn't find where they came from but then realized the photos were all new.
I'm not sure where SHIELDTV got them but they look pretty offical looking to me.Like you point out,the photos on each badge looks new.
The spelling isn't consistent within SHIELDtv page between Gemma and Jemma? THR reports it as Gemma? But TVline and the badge say Jemma? (Well, this is more a "how do you spell her name?" question comment than anything.)

[ edited by TenTonParasol on 2013-05-11 05:35 ]
My immediate thought of the cast photo:

Left to right: Faith, Willow, Xander, Giles, Buffy, and Angel.

Come on, I can't be the only one.
Some intern must've screwed up. Joss' characters names take a while for me to learn how to spell.(The actors too. It took me years to learn how to spell Trachtenberg's last name and I'm still not sure how to spell Enver's correctly by memory lol).

Skye does indeed have that 'Faith' look.

[ edited by eddy on 2013-05-11 05:38 ]
Ok I finally found out where they found the character badges.

And it looks like the typo is indeed on ABC's part, either that or they've changed the spelling of the character's name cause the typo is in the character bio url

Huh. I just realized you can't click on Skye's character bio.

[ edited by eddy on 2013-05-11 05:43 ]
How exciting! They've even included it under their general shows listing (under primetime, naturally). I suppose they created it four hours ago as that's when the news stuff dates back to! I may have added it to the Wikipedia article

[ edited by TenTonParasol on 2013-05-11 05:55 ]
Look what it says on the front page of ABC's site

Whens the last time a tv network promoted a promo for a show this early?

[ edited by eddy on 2013-05-11 06:04 ]
Never! It hasn't even been twelve hours! (I think) I might be tearing up a little right now. (It's 1AM don't judge me.) Smack on the first slide. It's even mentioned on the Once Upon a Time subpage. This is the best day ever. Let's hope it stays this way.

My favorite part is that Coulson seems to be the only character so far that actually exists in the comics. The others seem to be show only (for the moment) and that's awesome! Frees the main cast from comic mythology but there's still room in the show for all that.

[ edited by TenTonParasol on 2013-05-11 06:21 ]
You mean, we can come back to the black to discuss new whedony episodes again? Be still my heart. Congrats and I can't wait for the fun to begin!
Has anyone gotten either of the bar code thingies on the badges to do anything?
I can't find a single Maxicode reader for iPhone that will let me see if that code does anything.



Now when can we see it in the UK? :D
Those cards expire when Avengers 2 comes out.

[ edited by viewingfigures on 2014-04-11 21:01 ]
Fantastic news! Son, I am EXCITE.
So, is Clark Gregg the actor to achieve the Whedon-hat-trick the fastest?
Andy Umberger's gotta be pretty hard to beat to the hat trick surely.
Or Jonathan Woodward. Hmm.. who was fastest?

[ edited by apollo11 on 2013-05-11 12:47 ]
Skye isn't clickable as she isn't an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #speculation

Removed the ending of the photo of Skye = much better picture.
(It works with all of them to get much better quality, but hers is the least visible...)

#speculation - she isn't hired yet (possibly during the pilot ep or two..?) or lacks "Agent" status in general.

[ edited by apollo11 on 2013-05-11 13:58 ]
TenTonParasol,if the series is a hit and goes on for a few years,don't be surprised if the new characters are introduced into regular Marvel comic continuity like Coulson was last year.
Okay, I have to squee for a couple of minutes here, Buffyfantic just said "if the series is a hit and goes on for a few years" (SQUEEEE!).
Sorry, I am so excited about this.
I think this'll be Joss' most successful show to date. I'm hoping it will have the same impact as Buffy did on pop culture.
Brilliant to actually get the official word. I was on SHIELDtv chat yesterday waiting for the announcement, which came as I went to bed obviously.

If anyone is interested there's a transcript of Clark Gregg's visit to the chat room there on Thursday night. It's a great read.
Oh of course it was! Can't wait:-)
So does this mean that we'll get an SDCC panel and maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed tightly, an NYCC panel? Or do you think Disney will keep them for their own Disney con or whatever it is that they are trying to organize these days?

We should also start thinking up our dream list of screenwriters, because that's key. Maybe we need to start a kickstarter for S.H.I.E.L.D screenwriter contracts because our fav writers are busy and thus pricey and Marvel is cheap ---- just kidding folks.

I do seriously wonder who the writers will be, besides Jed and Maurissa.
Yes!!! Now I just hope they air the pilot in order. #stillbitter
When will they likely announce the day and timeslot?
@Cap if they aired "the pilot" out of order that would be really weird. Just imagine seeing the teaser at the end and the credits in the middle. :D
They'll announce the time slot during their upfronts on tuesday in NYC. SHIELDtv seems to think the time slot will be Sundays at 8. I think that would be a good slot because it keeps the show out of TWD and GOT's juggernaut paths.
I do seriously wonder who the writers will be, besides Jed and Maurissa.

I think Joss, Jeffrey Bell and Jeph Loeb are a pretty safe bet. ;)
I don't think Joss will write more than 2 episodes after the pilot at least during this first season. He's a busy man.
Re: my flailing about the Maxicode on the badges, it's apparently just this sample one and therefore disappointing.
I don't think Joss will write more than 2 episodes after the pilot at least during this first season. He's a busy man.

Yeah, Joss is gonna be busy with Avengers for the the next 2 years. The show could be into production of their 3rd season by the time that's over. Hopefully he'll be able to find the time to write (and direct?) some episodes along the way though, otherwise it wont really be a Joss show. I know he'll be an EP and everything but it's just not the same unless he's also writing it.
In fairness, there's (fairly large) portions of Angel where Joss didn't write or direct (bonus points - S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Jeff Bell worked on Angel). I think Dollhouse season two proved Jed and Maurissa can steer a ship.
I agree gossi, I think Jed & Maurissa have more than proven themselves.
JW may not have been sitting in the directors chair or in the writers' room for a lot of Angel, but I always imagine he had approval of all the stories that went through the show and played a major part of plotting the story arcs at the start of each season. With Shield, it is likely that he might not even have that level of involvement.

Not that the show isn't in some very safe hands, what with it being packed with Whedon alumni writers. I think we will have to wait a little while for a bit more confirmation before we can call it a real Whedon show though.
@Vandelay, Well, Joss Whedon's brother, Jed will run it. So, it is a real Whedon show because Jed will showrun it along with Jed's wife Maurissa Tancharoen.

Jeph Loeb is not a good writer. Besides, isn't he mostly tv executive at Marvel now? Wasn't Loeb responsible for the Heroes mess after season 1?

[ edited by BuffyFirefly on 2013-05-11 22:27 ]

[ edited by BuffyFirefly on 2013-05-11 22:26 ]
I don't know anything about Loeb, but I think it says something when "Jeph Loeb hate" is the second suggestion on Google.
Loeb might have worked on Heroes, but he also worked on Lost and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
I think if people want to lob in terms like "hate" and "not good" when it comes discussion of Whedonverse writers, they can do so elsewhere. It derails conversation and adds an air of unpleasantness about the place. So if we could get back to the rather nice news about AoS getting picked, that would be lovly.
Obviously, I am super excited, but I won't be able to breathe easy until we've got a renewal for a third season. :) Also, while I absolutely relish the chance to get to know these new characters, and while I am sure I will love them as much as Joss' other creations, I still really hope that Cobie Smulders comes on as a regular in season two.
Whoops, sorry about that.

Anyone have any guesses about how long a season will be? I'd guess as long as Once's, which is 22 per season.

[ edited by TenTonParasol on 2013-05-11 23:34 ]
Did someone time how long the happy lasted? Was it a record?
I just hope that the online promo will be viewable from outside NA.
I'm sure someone will upload it to YouTube? People are very good at those sort of things. ;) I wonder what kind of promo will it be? One of the really minimalistic ones that's all mysterious? Do you think we'll learn about anything in regards to an overall storyarc or something?
"hate" and "not good"

Seriously! Jeph has been doing movies, tv and comics for a lot of years and is known as a very talented writer (his Batman work is legendary). Just because he worked on something that didn't out the way you wanted is no reason to scapegoat him in advance. This sort of nonsense has no place here.

Did someone time how long the happy lasted? Was it a record?

You'd need a pretty fantastic reaction time if you use a stopwatch. Maybe someone in another Galaxy can catch it on a telescope.
I just have to say that considering that ABC is calling 'Agents of SHIELD' a Joss Whedon show, it would be pretty odd if his own fans refused to call it that. I will definitely be assuming that, like with Angel, Joss will definitely be involved in the season arc even if he will be handing over the day to day running of the show to Jed & Maurissa.

And I'm guessing the 'happy' lasts differently for different fans. I think my excitement level is considerably higher for AoS that it has been for any Whedon project in years, and my happy can be safely last well into the 10th season.
An off-topic question for people in the know: do foreign networks have presence at the upfronts so they can buy new shows, or is it for advertisers only?
Don't get me wrong. I'm still so excited. It is happening! It's like Christmas. The only way that I could be happier is if it aired tomorrow. I think only advertisers, but don't quote me on that.
Effulgent, in the next few weeks after the up fronts all the TV studios will be hosting screenings (&wining & dining) for all the international network buyers. By the second week of June (at the latest) you should be hearing about the major shows picked up for territories outside the US.

[ edited by IrrationaliTV on 2013-05-12 02:15 ]
@IrrationaliTV, @TenTonParasol thank you for your replies!

[ edited by Effulgent on 2013-05-12 02:43 ]
FWIW, the show's official website no longer includes Skye in the bios, and the show summary no longer refers to her as the latest recruit: "Their initial investigations lead them to civilian computer hacker Skye." I assume they are trying to roll things back for promotional narrative purposes and/or posted some things too early again.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-05-12 03:29 ]
Yeah, I found that interesting. Wondering if the pilot is about her joining the team, but the bio from earlier was for the series as a whole. These are the times I think I'm maybe paying too close attention.

[ edited by sumogrip on 2013-05-12 06:15 ]
I figure someone just messed up and posted stuff earlier than intended (like the HULK FIRE video). I assume that whatever Internet stuff they are running over the summer will at least loosely be a narrative leading into the pilot, so the site is supposed to reflect the Summer Narrative not the Pilot Narrative.
Hey can anyone tell me what a series order usually means? Would that mean an initial 13 episode order leading to a possible back 9 or a straight 22 episode order.
We won't know what it means until the ABC upfronts, or until that information leaks prior to the ABC upfronts.
FWIW the photo of Skye can still be seen if anyone missed her;
Or we could let the storytellers reveal the story the way they intend. But that's just my preference. Feel free to pick pick pick the mystery (and all joy) away.
A full season at ABC is a 22 episode order. It's safe to assume S.H.I.E.L.D. has a full season order. ABC may at some stage down the road order an additional one or two episodes, up to 24.
I'm as happy as anyone else that the series is being made, but I'm surprised that anybody is, well, surprised it got picked up. I can't remember a series that seemed like more certain to be picked up. Disney's TV network picking up a cross-promotional series based on Disney's comic book company's cinematic cash cow that gives free advertising at the same time?
You're right KofC in part, but I do think Whedon fans are skittish. I'm guessing that everyone is just happy that they can now officially count both their chicken and eggs.

On the writing, my guess is that there will be a rotating roster of writers who will meet occasionally in the writers' room with Joss oversight here and there. The show will at times have some duds but all shows do. At this point, I'm simply hoping for some stories that continue the Whedon tradition of questioning society but through superheroes, instead of slayers.
KingofCretins, I don't think I've seen anybody online express surprise it got picked up.
Or we could let the storytellers reveal the story the way they intend. But that's just my preference. Feel free to pick pick pick the mystery (and all joy) away.

Not sure if speculating on the meaning of a change in the show's marketing direction counts as pick pick picking the joy away. But y'know, YMMV.
It isn't. And, in fact, if the point of rolling back certain info is because there's going to be a Summer Internet Narrative, those sort of summer promotions frequently are actually about picking things apart and looking for clues. For example, the ones LOST used to do.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-05-12 23:59 ]
I tend to lean toward the easiest answer that some overwhelmed employee made a mistake or marketing tactics and priorities changed. Did I miss the memo about this mysterious summer Internet narrative or is that just speculation and wishful thinking? And yes, sumo grip my mileage absolutely varies.

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