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May 10 2013

Summer Glau no longer able to attend Ottawa ComicCon. She has made a video apologizing to her fans and supporters.

Oh she is so sweet!
I was gonna say that.

And: It isn't fair for anyone to hide her passport just to keep that sweetness closer to home.
poor thing... :-(
And Nathan Fillion is no longer going to be at the Philly Comic Con. I hope she can at least show up there.
She did the panel by Skype? That was so considerate of her. And so un-unexpected.
Just got back from the con! What happened was that Summer had been planning to attend the Firefly panel with Jewel and Nathan early in the day. Obviously she couldn't -- but she skyped partway through the panel and talked via audio for a few minutes. She attributed her passport's disappearance to a cat burglar. "I have to get a new one," she added, and then Nathan and Jewel said, with "duh" voices, "Yeah, you do." The tone was delightful and light and pleasant, and it ended with Nathan saying "Suuummmmeeer!" in the style of the blooper real "Summer!" exclamation, and Summer seeming to be just the right annoyed/embarrassed/pleased mixture. It was a good panel. (Also saw Felicia Day and Nicholas Brendon's panels today, both of which were enjoyable. I think James Marsters is tomorrow -- but I only went for today; I'd seen JM in the past at any rate....)

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Summer got burgled? Oh jeez...that's even worse than just mislaying your passport! Or was the "cat burglar" comment a joke?
I am almost sure it was a joke -- but she said she looked EVERYWHERE. (Julie Newmarr was at the convention, so my gf helpfully suggested that she was the cat burglar in question.) (Because Catwoman.) (Not libelous, joke.)

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