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May 10 2013

ABC renews Castle, Suburgatory, Once Upon a Time, and Grey's Anatomy. Good news for Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Jane Espenson, and Jesse Williams.

The Wonderland spin-off from Once Upon A Time has also been picked up (as expected I think).
I had no clue Grey's Anatomy was even still on the air. Seriously. What is this season 10?
So guessing Espenson participating in writing an ep of S.H.I.E.L.D. is probably not going to happen?

Ah well, still a very good, very Whedony day.
Eddy-Season notmanyareconcernedwith. Fine cast, fine writing. fine drama-at one point. (I didn't know it was still on, either.)
Having said that, I hope every one breaks twice as many legs as are avalable.
I don't know how the contracts work out hann23 but I wouldn't rule it out. Pretty sure Jane was working for other shows when she wrote the 2 eps for Dollhouse. Does ABC produce OUAT? I want so badly to see more of the old guard involved in SHIELD. Heck, whats Mike Massa been up to? :D

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So guessing Espenson participating in writing an ep of S.H.I.E.L.D. is probably not going to happen?

She's now working on two other ABC shows in pretty heavy roles, so it's unlikely just due to time constraints, I'm guessing.
I think she's a consulting producer on Once (and she writes a lot of eps. Hers are the best ones tbh), and I think she's going to be a producer on Wonderland? Well, she's heavily involved. So I doubt a SHIELD ep could fit in. A shame too, I would've loved it if she wrote an ep for Defiance.
The good news is that Jane is so beloved, if they managed to get her to write an episode they'd be able to market it as a bit of an "event". Especially among the Whedon fanbase.
SHIELD and OUAT are both ABC shows, so a writer crossover is probably doable contractually. Eddy, Mike Massa has actually been stunt coordinating "True Blood" - guess he just can't get enough of the vamps :)
Once Upon a Time and Nikita both renewed, that makes me very happy. Nikita especially, that show is amazingly good. The low ratings and lack of recognition it gets boggles my mind. That seems to be the norm with good network TV though, if Chuck and Friday Night Lights are anything to go by. Most people don't watch good TV. Instead, they watch the stuff that our parents all warned us would rot our brains years ago.

I don't know what to make of that Wonderland show. It certainly has my interest, but I wonder what they plan on doing on that show. Once Upon a Time doesn't strike me as a show that needs a spin off, but I'll definitely be checking it out.

The best news is definitely the Nikita renewal though. I absolutely love that show. It's probably the best network TV show focusing on a female lead since Buffy.
@eddy & Shapenew, Mike Massa also did some stunt work for Iron Man Three and was one of Tony's guards in Mandarin's mansion.
I need to watch Nikita. I started watching it but then fell away. I've got to get back on track with that show.

I agree that Espenson probably won't have time to write for anything other then the Onceverse. She's filming Husbands S3 for the CW digital right now, per her tweets this week.

In fact, some Once fans are kind of worried that she'll be too focused on Wonderland to write for say Belle and Rumple, though I have yet to see confirmation on the exact nature of her role with the spinoff. She is most definitely part of the team, here's the IMDB for it

So I'm doubtful she could even begin to have time to write a S.H.I.E.L.D blurb, let alone and ep. I wonder if the same applies to Andrew Chambliss.

It's great how "in demand" former Whedonverse writers are.

Now, if S.H.I.E.L.D could just steal Ben Edlund for a few eps from Supernatural, that would rock!
In the "slightly Whedonverse" department, CBS has picked up "Intelligence" starring Josh Holloway (who played a vampire in the very first ep of "Angel") and John Billingsley (who played the creature expert who sang "Jesse's Girl" in the S5 "Unleashed" "Angel" ep).
If it's true that OUAT IN WONDERLAND is going to be a limited series airing between the two halves of the OUAT mothership, my guess is that we won't see her writing for OUAT proper much in the first half in the season, and then she'll spend more time back in the room for the second half, unless they order a second season and/or have her developing a parallel spin-off (ONCE UPON A TIME IN QUAR'TOTH or w/e).
My suspicion is that if Wonderland does well, we'll see something similar each year with a different locale (Once Upon a Time in Neverland, Once Upon a Time in Oz, etc.)

Oh what I would give for Once Upon a Time in Quortoth though.
Thanks Nocticola. I just saw IM3 again yesterday and totally recognized Mike Massa this time around. His scene was a stand-out in the film. RDJ is brilliant.
Once Upon A Time In Let's Follow Mulan Around, She Is Great And Has Adventures
Yeah, you should get caught up on Nikita if you get a chance. It's a great show with great pacing, great writing, a great cast, and some of the best action sequences on TV today. I love spreading the word about this show because its ratings are abysmal, as is the norm with most good TV shows. Quality = bad ratings. As Whedon fans, we've learned this time and time again. It actually only got renewed for six episodes, so it'd help if more people tuned it. I love the CW. They seem to give shows much more of a chance than Fox, who is very quick to cancel things if they don't get amazing numbers. I hear people make fun of the CW, but they have some decent content with Nikita, Arrow and Supernatural.

One of the things I enjoy so much is that Nikita doesn't spin its wheels. The show has a constant sense of forward momentum. In fact, I can't think of a single episode of the show that I would describe as a "filler" episode. The show also loves to just turn things on its head sometimes, changing the game entirely.

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