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May 10 2013

Team Whedon celebrates the S.H.I.E.L.D. pickup with a Vine movie. All this Marvel work may be making Joss tired.

YouTube Version for those having trouble with Vine.

He looks tired. Someone get that man another drink!
Tired, but I bet he's really happy.

Congrats Whedon!!! Can't wait to finally see a TV series of yours while its airing!!! :D
Congrats to the almighty J and his band of merriers! =)
Blerg. I wish our Whedonfolk didn't use vine so much. All I ever get on my computer is a little movie camera with a red X over it. Vine hates me.
Is this on YouTube yet? As much as I love Whedon I'm not looking for it at 8 am on Saturday. Even this comment is a huge struggle
Clicky for those having trouble viewing the Vine version.
Thank you, z! Appreciated muchly.

Tired? Looks more like not alcohol deprived to me.
YAY! *twirls*
He's overcome with emotions, cocktails & fame! He's Gatsby-ing.
It's the unicorn inside him, making him sleepy. FACT I MADE UP.
cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait

finally more whedon on TV <3 <3 <3 <3
Excited for next fall!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that was cute video :)
And not just Vine but wine too.. A nice chardonnay?

What an exciting Whedony time!
Words cannot express how excited I am to see Joss again on my TV! As much as I love summertime, I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL!

*dancing a jig*
Chardonnay would be my choice with unicorn. Cute little vid.
I think with unicorn I'd serve a lovely floral torrontes. Clean and delicate. ;)

Funniest seven seconds evar. I love them.
Mental title: "The Moment We Realized How Many Stories We Have to Finish in How Little Time."

Not to get greedy, but how many episodes are in the pick-up? And is the pick-up for the entire first season? I want to know how many shows they know they're going to get to make. Because I want to know how many shows I'm going to get to watch. Not to get greedy.
Get him a drink?? Get that man (Joss) a FEATHER BED!
Pointy, the ABC upfront event is on Tuesday.

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Do we want to trust that analysis when it says this is Joss' blog?

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-05-11 21:54 ]
I think it deserves that kind of attention.

Not really. We had a big old chat about it and the topic has been done to death. So no more front page entries about it for a while unless there's new quote from Joss.
Thank you, Gossi, I'll look for the number of episodes in the coverage of ABC's upfronts. Or upfront. Thing.

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