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May 11 2013

QMx is now selling the Browncoats' flag and Mal's dog tags. The dog tags can be found here.

*sighs with full-blown covetousness*

Ohhhh these are so SHINY!
The flaaaaaaag. I'm actually tearing up.
Isnt the star suppose to be upside down?
I prefer the original rectangular & more colorful dog tags that QMx did (IIRC they were promo items for QMx or sold at the failed Flan 2 con). The new tags look too much like their BSG versions (weren't the tags in the Firefly series rectangular?). On the other hand, yay, the old-style tags are still a collector's item for those of us who own them.

And while QMx's flag looks great, I'm sad for the "independents" out there who can add flags to the list of items that can no longer be sold. :(
Isnt the star suppose to be upside down?

A_Leaf | May 11, 22:11 CET

According to costume designer Shawna Trpcic? No...the star's the right way up on the flag. Mal wearing it upside down was a costume goof no one noticed during filming. Fans have come up for justifications - officers wear the flag patches right way up, NCOs like Mal reverse it; Mal put it on wrong; etc. - but the Independence Movement flag is supposed to have yellow and green stripes with a 5-point star facing up.

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