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May 12 2013

First look at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., via Vine. I don't know what else to say about it except: Coulson lives. ETA: YouTube version here.

I love how pissed off he looks.
Yeah. He also seems to be walking strangely. Either his leg is hurt or it has something to do with his 'resurrection'. Or maybe I'm just seeing things.

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Is the OUAT clip or will we get more tonight, whatever the case this is a very five second clip.
I think this is just a teaser to get the buzz going for the proper trailer tonight. Also, anyone else thinking that could be J. August Richards as the hooded super at the start?
Dude Meister, I think you could be right! I'm just getting too excited about this, it is going to be hard to wait until the show starts in the Fall (and thank you gossi for the youtube version link, it makes it easier to slow the action down and study it frame by frame... not that I'm obsessed or anything).

I love seeing Agent Coulson, he is clearly not a cyberman, but he might have some biomechanical Robocop-like parts (I'm hoping for something semi-Super hero supplied by Tony Stark).
Teaser for teasers is a popular trend now.This looks great though.

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Is that JAR jumping off that buillding? It goes so fast I can't tell but it looks like a black guy with a hood on.
Re Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vine account - subscribe from the Vine app on smartphones. (Link)

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Kind of looks like JAR in that hood. Anyway super-excited now.
And there's already the "hey, my eyes are up here" scene in that teaser :D
It must take a lot for Coulson to look pissed. He's always been so placid before.
@Simon Unhappy Coulson means alive Coulson. We all know too well what being happy and chipper brings you in Jossland :D

I already love the potential for fun jokey Coulson to be grumpy Coulson with Joss' brand of "stuff that happened has consequences!"

Btw, that hooded black guy HAS to be J. August. Why else would he wear a hood and be all mysterious!
I get a very "don't mess with a mild-mannered person" vibe from that video and I like it.
I think that SHIELD looks more like Firefly than Dollhouse and thats a good thing. I think that Firefly potentially appealed to a wider more family-friendly audience than Dollhose did.
Itís mostly Foxs fault for not promoting Firefly and putting it in a bad timeslot and airing it out of order. SHIELD might get a bad timeslot (Thursdays 8 pm), but definitely will get heavily promoted.

I think Agents of SHIELD will premiere well. Why? Marvel tie ins and Joss Whedon being the writer. They will probably promote it on Disney Channel as well. I love Joss Whedon as a writer but even the original Dollhouse pilot was not good. Firefly on the other hand was great despite Fox airing the show out of order.

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I thought that the unaired pilot for dollhouse was the best episode.
There are no 'good time slots'.
why so upset agent c? lol
The original Dollhouse pilot was good. The Firefly pilot was good. Both shows had great writing. Both were aired out of order. Neither was successful. I'm not quite sure what sort of a comparison you can draw, apart from that SHIELD will definitely be promoted quite a lot more than either.

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You can't draw any comparisons. Different network. Different studio. Established franchise worth BILLIONS! Gonna have to find something else to worry about.
I'm pretty excited about all this. Joss and J-Mo in charge of what could very well be one of the first real Event TV shows in years? Man.

That said, the idea of a preview for tonight's preview is kinda silly. But also just where we're at in the current marketing world. Oh well! I still certainly watched it repeatedly.
If JAR is playing Luke Cage then I demand he wear the original costume for comic accuracy sakes :p
So is everyone assuming Luke Cage and not Cloak? Just wondering.
I was thinking Cloak myself.
Well they're definitely not downplaying Coulson's return are they? Some previous comments on here suggested they would ;-)
Playing up Coulson's return is probably the best marketing strategy they could do. Everybody who saw the Avengers (which is a ridiculously large number of people) will watch the commercials and want to know how he survived.

I think the premiere could have the same kind of coat tails that Iron Man 3 has and could get incredible ratings.
Cool! Incredibly short, but cool. Can't wait for the longer teaser.

And it's so nice to have a Jossy show on the way that I don't even have to worry about at all. This is going to be one of the most anticipated shows of the fall, and will probably be massively successful, just because Marvel. Which makes me happy, if slightly confused--I'm used to coming here to worry about things being canceled, or not released, or never made in the first place. This is a very different feeling.

I could get used to it. :-)
Cloak is a teleporter, not super strong or rugged. Why would a teleporter jump off a building (and survive) instead of use his own power? It ain't him.
I'm thinking brand character just in case Marvel ever decide to put an existing character in a movie.
Ha, erendis! I feel you!
I would think that launching a relatively obscure comic book character onto a TV show like SHIELD (as a mysterious hero) would make him more marketable as a potential movie lead, not less.

But of course I could also see Joss coming up with his own ideas of brand new characters for SHIELD who would then end up in the comics and possibly in films.
Regarding Cage vs. Cloak, I believe Luke has closer ties to the S.H.I.E.L.D. org and the Avengers in the comics, and I think he is more recognizable while at the same time not a huge property. I think he would be perfect to introduce in this show, and even better if its JAR playing him.

I would be shocked if it is Cage, however, only because it would be my dream to have a Joss written Luke Cage on my TV, and dreams rarely come true. Although we did get a Joss directed Avengers movie, so that happened.
You can see JAR on the very cool trailer that aired during OUAT.

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