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"Good work zombie arm!"
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May 12 2013

The full S.H.I.E.L.D. first look TV spot is released. 'Nuff said.


Don't touch Lola. Also, hello Europe.

Cannot wait. Will wait. Due to time.
Who was the guy throwing that person on the ground? Was it who I hope it was?
And if it is J August Richards, what character would he be. I'm not sure it was him, jsut watched it on a small phone screen, and it was a tiny split second....
Awesome. Here's the youtube.

Beaten to the punch.

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That's definitely JAR. Can't wait!
Edited to put in YouTube link instead. Also on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Facebook page.
I spot JAR tossing someone on the ground. Evidence of super strength?
Find it funny that people in the comments are already labeling it 'The American TORCHWOOD.' Wonder if they realize that BUFFYa nd ANGEL are both cited as major inspirations for TORCHWOOD by the creators.
Stayed up till 4 am just to watch this thing (obsessive much?)
What can I say, I'm not disappointed!
I think X-files would be a more apt comparison.
Okay, I'm going to need Lola to be a flying, Steranko-style car. Anyone who disagrees is allergic to joy.
That was great.
"Don't touch Lola" Classic Whedon
Aw. Sweet. I'm glad it's not longer, because I don't need to know more before watching the pilot. They always tell the entire story of the first episode. Yawn. So, this is my last comment on the show before it airs. It's starting to sink in that it will probably get the best promotion possible. Now it "just" has to live up to the hype... So, no worrying about others liking it, this time my opinion will be the only one that matters to me.
That came out wrong. But you know what I mean... When Dollhouse aired, "Will this get someone hooked?" was a thought that kept creeping in my head. By the end I wasn't even sure if I liked it or what I liked about it exactly.
You can't say, "the promo was great, therefore the show will be great." but you can say, "whoever put that promo together knows how to make television, so I'll be watching that." (Unneccessary "Pitch Perfect" compliment here.)

Thanks, Jossandco!
Arsenal- What if Lola only flies conceptually? Like {landing sound} Lola drives into frame....Lola drives out of frame {takeoff sound}? Too retro? (but it would save budget.)
BarryC, I'm all for Lola only flying during sweeps. :D It's just the principle of the thing. You give the lead on a SHIELD show an awesome car, it flies. Them's the rules. And frankly, Howard Stark was teasing flying cars back in the 40s in the Cap movie.

I'm also thinking that a Whedon-produced Heroes for Hire show starring J August Richards as a super strong Gunn-like Luke Cage... almost makes too much sense.
Thing about it not being longer: claims there's an extended trailer to be unlocked by tweeting #CoulsonLives. Of course, the counter has been stuck at 22% for well over an hour.
TVLine is reporting that it is indeed Luke Cage. Not sure how they know that, but that's what they are saying.
Would be ridiculously awesome if J. August Richards was a recurring (or regular) Luke Cage.
I would love Luke Cage being on Shield as a reoccurring character. That would also make it easier for Jessica Jones to appear as well. (I'd love to see Iron Fist, but he's sort of . . . over the top.)
TV Line says it appears to be Luke Cage, not that it is.
It could be an original character.

Whatever happened to AKA: Jessica Jones? If Marvel is still trying to get that show off the ground, then I'd expect them to save Luke Cage for that.
Even if its an original, Marvel could always use more powerful African American heroes. Win either way.
Well, Power Man did make his start as a more "urban" hero. Him saving people in the neighborhood would make sense. Plus they could start Luke Cage in SHIELD and then push him over to Jessica Jones' show.

I know this sounds cheesy, but eventually I'd like to see Blade pop back up in the Marvel-movie verse.
To borrow from Eddie Murphy in his golden days: Now that's a fire! Or more fitting..."now that's a trailer!"


And I could be completely out to lunch, but is Joss & co trying to homage Con Air with Phil and "Lola"? Federal agent with a classic 'Vette and serious "no touching" policy about said 'Vette? Lola might just go flying...but I don't think it's the way Jim Steranko has it happen ;D
Looks very cinematic. I must say being not much of a comic book fan I wasn't all that excited for this but the trailer has definitely made me more interested. Looks great!
That looked awesome. I wonder what the budget for this show is. Like vampmogs mentioned, it looks very cinematic. But maybe that's just for the pilot?
This is lovely, I look forward to getting back in the game again.
Great! Loved Lola (so not touching ...)
So exciting to see the birth of a new Joss show and a new fandom.
New Joss show on TV! New Joss show on TV!!!

It'll be my first one WITH all of you guys. I was only lurking back in the Dollhouse days and only just started figuring out what an internet is back in the Angel days.

Behind The Panels points out the drama takes place from the streets of California to Paris in the promo.

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I couldn't begin to think of being more excited for this!
Also, if Richards is playing Luke Cage, I think the nerd part of my brain'll pop. Which scares the hell out of me, 'cause that's all I have!
If anyone still has doubts that it's J. August Richards, I took a screencap: GUNN SMASH!
Sometimes you need a Gunn as well as a S.H.I.E.L.D..
Or a less undercover Men in Black.
Sometimes you need a Gunn as well as a S.H.I.E.L.D..

Puh-dun-tsjjj, Simon :)

Looking forward to discussing the episodes with you guys here!
Looks fantastic! So so excited. :-)
Chris Radtke says that based on the Marvel bumper, it's not Power Man, it's Rage.
That was io9's conclusion as well. Either way, I saw JAR in there and I was delighted.
Isn't the bumper straight from The Avengers?
It wasn't io9's conclusion, per se, they were citing Radtke, so it's really just the one conclusion. ;)
Actually, that's interesting. He's also in this logo from 2006.
Can't wait. Can't wait can't wait can't wait !
Fair enough, b!x. If the sole evidence is the bumper, though, then we might want to doubt the assessment.

Either way, I'm sure JAR will do great... but I hope Joss has gotten a bit better at writing black characters. From what I've seen of Luke Cage, he's a walking stereotype, so some extra nuance would be good, and I'm not 100% sure I've seen Joss deliver racial nuance.
Can we hope for an extended 2-3min preview from the upfronts, or am I getting greedy?

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