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May 12 2013

Jim Butcher's next book inspired by Firefly. The Author describes the book as "kind of "Hornblower" meets "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", it's very focused on the characters, with very strong influence from Firefly I think."


"Yeah, if you're going to steal from somewhere, you know, pick a good spot. But yeah, we start off with a disaffected ship captain who used to be part of the navy buy got drummed out of it for being an up-right honourable guy, who's now running his own ship. We've got some other characters who are scattered around who are being drawn together by the lord of the spire."

I'm a big fan of The Dresden Files series, so I'm actually quite excited to see his Firely inspired series.
I love Dresden Chronicles so I'm definitely looking forward to his Steampunk Sci-fi series!
Yes! Love Butcher's books. He's pretty big on geeky mentions, and I know there was at least one Firefly reference in the last book.
He's also had tons of Buffy references in the Dresden Files as well.

In fact, in one of the short stories, Murphy tells Harry that, "You have fruit punch mouth."

I hope this is better than his Codex books. I love Dresden, but the Codex books are sort of boring.
I'm actually half-way through the Codex Alera series right now and am quite enjoying it. A very vibrantly visualized world. I have also been impressed with his strong female characters, so I'm not surprised to see that he gets a little inspiration from Joss.
@Elf, I did think his first Codex book was not that exiting, but the subsequent ones were pretty good IMHO.
I couldn't get past the first one, but if they do keep getting better, I might have to try again.

Because I do love me some Dresden.
I'm very excited for this, Butcher always keeps me entertained. I'm currently doing a full re-read of Dresden before bounding into Cold Days (I know, I'm behind).

@Elf, the first Codex book was torturous for me. I found the language, lack of explanations, and overuse of fantasy tropes annoying and strenuous. It does, however, get MUCH better. Just from book 1 to book 2, the difference in style and substance is night and day.
Hmm, I really liked the Codex books. They weren't works of art by any stretch of the imagination, but they were fast-paced, fun fantasy with likeable characters, an interesting world and a reasonably original magic system. All in all, I really enjoyed them. More than I did the Dresden books, anyway, which I liked at first, but which - to my mind - became a tad too repetitive with each further installment. I think I read 5 or so, before moving on.

Still, I'm definately going to check out this new work.
GVH, it's definitely worth it to give Dresden another try. Even though I enjoyed it from the start, the main arc of the series does admittedly take a while to develop, which may turn off some readers. If memory serves, book five was Death Masks, which was one of my least favorite. The next book Blood Rites was a great one, and the series only gets better from there (especially Dead Beat, which has an ending that has to be seen to be believed).
I fell in love with the Dresden Files around book 6, so I'm very much interested in this (and I'll also second deepgirl187's recommendation to GVH to give the Dresden book another try).

I've yet to try out Codex Alera, I guess it will be good to know going in that that series too will get better after the first one.
Fidelias ftw!

This sounds like it'll be fun (and as the saying goes, good artists borrow - great artists steal.) I'll have to check it out.
Okay, deepgirl187 and the Groosalugg, I'll give them another try. I think I've got the next two installments lying around somewhere anyway; I've been meaning to sell them to the local second hand book shop, but I guess it won't hurt to keep them around a bit longer and give them another try :).
LOVE the Dresden Files. Some of my favorite books over the past ten years or so. I anxiously await the newest installment each year. But I didn't fall in love with them until about five or six in as well (can't remember exactly).

I read the first Codex book and was a little underwhelmed. Guess I should give the series another chance (I've been meaning to and the comments in this thread have me convinced).

I will definitely give any new series by Jim Butcher a read.
Another Butcher fan here, who agrees a Firefly style series will be wonderful, and also agrees the Codex is better as it moves forward.

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