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"Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd?"
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May 13 2013

Joss Whedon is now on Twitter. As confirmed by Maurissa Tancharoen.

ETA: On May 21st, his username was changed from @JossActual to @JossWhedon, the link had been updated to show this.

The dawning of a new age...
Yes. I hope he and his assistants are ready for the messages. Also I'm enjoying seeing his follower count go up.
OH GOD. I thought this day would never come. Lets speculate what it means if he follows one actor but not another.(Just kidding)

Next step, get SMG a twitter page.
Oh, my... *speechless* ;)
The best thing EVER...

But also VERY dangerous... I hope fans are respectful to him!
Well, gosh. I'm tempted to sign up JUST to follow him!
Heh. Cool. Followed. Wonder how many followers he'll end up with.
Just crossed 10k.
Hahahah that account name is perfect.

Anyone remember the Battlestar Galactica special ("The Phenomenon") where they interviewed writers/actors who love the show and Joss said he always wants to pick up a phone and answer with "Joss Actual" ... :D

Oh I found the clip, btw: Joss Actual?!
FFL-Respectful of Joss Whedon? There are some people on Earth you just don't want to get into a 'ranking match' with, and he's just about the top. He makes a living by a razor-wit, and the other side is serrated.
There's 0 chance we'll find him 'fighting in street with local oaf.'
I for one cannot wait to hear how exactly lemurs will fit into the Avengers sequel straight from the source.
Not all 140 characters are gonna make it. #YouKnowThatRight?
Message to Joss. Don't tweet at 3 am after drinking a few glasses of scotch. That never ends well and you usually end up regretting it the next morning when you find the pics you uploaded to instagram while in a drunken stupor.

[ edited by eddy on 2013-05-13 12:02 ]
WhatIsAStevedore now has me scared for the safety of letters in general. X, Q, F or C.... none of my favourite characters feel safe any more. :worried:
Listen to @eddy, @JossActual.

Fun times to be had retweeting his 140 bits of prose. A dash of purple would be nice on his profile
WhatIsAStevedore now has me scared for the safety of letters in general. X, Q, F or C.... none of my favourite characters feel safe any more. :worried:

Just be glad your favorite character isn't ...

And not only that, now he'll be able to hone his fictional homicide skills via crowd sourcing - I can't wait!
Looks like I'm finally going to have to get Twitter, aren't I?
True. He didn't kill Alpha. totally has it coming.
...Unless that's just what he WANTS us to believe...
And 2 hours later, he's already at 16k and counting, gossi :)
Nice, when I first looked it was single digits :).
Oh Mr "I was into Joss Whedon when he only had 8 followers" :p.
So Joss is rapidly getting to the number of followers he had as @MuchAdoFilm (where he would change his 'profile' almost daily, I wonder if he'll do that at @JossActual now?). That was always really entertaining.

So is there an advantage to him being verified on twitter? If you agree that there is then just tweet @verified that you know that @JossActual is actually Joss Whedon and after they get enough of those tweets they give him the magical check mark.
Verified status is usually studio organised now, @verified don't tend to do anything.
He was at 7k when I followed him this morning. Now at 25k

I loved his tweets ( and profile bios) when he was posting as @MuchAdoFilm so looking forward to more of the same.
I look forward to his controversial opinions about lemurs.
hmm! that awesome but i still won't sign up though
Oh Mr "I was into Joss Whedon when he only had 8 followers" :p.

LOL!!! No, it was Mr. "I was up way too early this morning and wow is he gaining followers quickly". He said to Mr. "I am user number 187 on Whedonesque" :p

hmm! that awesome but i still won't sign up though

Waiting for him to join
Up to 29K now. I remember when there was only 10K of us, and all this was fields as far as the eye can see, etc.
What will happen to our once close-knit group of lackeys?
Taking over the world is progressing according to plan.
Looking at his latest tweet, I think it'll be an interesting ride.
"must be careful...must be careful...must be careful...."

eddy: Trust me, some fans will speculate on that.

FangedFourLover: As some others said, he can handle it if he even notices. I'll stick with straight questions. *My* problem will be that my interest in his work pretty much starts and ends with the Buffyverse. and I've seen DH, Serenifly, and Cabin.

What'saStevedore: Did you post with the same alias @ UPN's short-lived Threaded Bronze? (I was daddykat there & had to change when I changed computers just a couple weeks before they shut down. I use this alias almost everywhere)
Finally, someone on Twitter people will brag about following. I hope he'll still come here when he has to express things that require at least 141 characters.
I just hope he doesn't get hacked right away, that is always so depressing.
Wow, now I have an actual reason to use Twitter!
He just passed us on Twitter. It took five years for us to get 63k followers, he does it in 12 hours. Cool beans.
Boy. He's just gotta show everyone up! ;) (Took me years to get to 650 and I'm sure half of them are bots.)
Over 80k followers!
Has the account been cancelled yet? I give it six months. Starting a campaign now, just in case.
No, but Minear's has been ;).
90,001 at this time.
Is there a betting pool on how long it will take him to get to 100k?
Numfar! Dance the dance in 140 characters or less!
96k. At the rate he's going he should be at 100k followers by the end of the night.
Among the accounts that Joss follows: Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. That's the most adorable thing EVER.
Aaaaaand..He just crossed the 100k threshold and is still going strong. It looks like he's getting about 10 followers a second.
I wonder if anyone got a screenshot of it... Just for the helluva it. I wanted to but missed it. That's a crazy rate though! (I wonder if anyone else has gained new followers as sort of a by-product or something.)

[ edited by TenTonParasol on 2013-05-14 03:39 ]
I followed the P.A. for AOS when I saw Joss was following her and a few other people so yeah, probably. I think it would be funny if Joss ended up with more followers than the average rating for a Dollhouse episode.

[ edited by eddy on 2013-05-14 03:42 ]
Huh. A writers' PA no less. I am so jealous of her job right now.
Clark Gregg messed up the twitter name and tweeted @actualjoss. So now the username has two tweets: one pointing out the error, and the other promising not to do anything and urging people to follow the actual Joss. Well, I found it amusing.
oh my goodness gracious this is wonderful

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