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May 13 2013

Buffy writers reunite for Hollywood Reporter article. This story was first hinted by David Fury on May 4th, there's a picture and a video.

Complete Gallery including The X-Files staff including Jeffrey Bell, Murphy Brown's Staff and The Shield's Staff including Shawn Ryan (duh!), Sara Fain and Elizabeth Craft can be found here.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2013-05-13 17:13 ]

Man I wish this were longer. Joss's "Shut your bitch mouth!" made me properly laugh. Also, what's up with the photo -- is it oddly stitched or did David Fury grow another leg?
I love how it's actually in italics too. I think the left and right photos were taken at different times, so it's impossible to stitch 'em right.
For anyone else wondering "Rebecca Sinclair, who the heck is that?"; she went by Rebecca Rand Kirshner back then.
Which I might have realized without IMDB if I would have looked at Numfar's tags more closely. :)
(BTW Numfar, you put "reunites" instead of "reunite" in the link title.) (fixed now)

[ edited by Tristan on 2013-05-13 19:24 ]
a British imposter who claimed to be part of a showrunners exchange program and conned them into paying for pricey lunches

Admit it, Kevin. That was you. ;)
I love that there are some more Whedonesque-writers on the pictures of the other writers' rooms.

Don't forget Howard Gordon, who is on the "X-Files"-image. ;)

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