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May 13 2013

(SPOILER) Mark Ruffalo says he will return in The Avengers sequel; addresses recast rumors. I'm starting to think that Deadline article was a bunch of go-se.

Should there be a spoiler tag there? It might be a minor thing, but I wasn't aware of that Iron Man 3 bit...
Yeah, me neither. Boo!
The Deadline article was speculation and rumor. It was meant to titillate and start discussion and for lawyers/agents to start a public fight. Nothing in that article should have been taken seriously.
I always had a feeling that article wasn't completely legit. It kept saying "a source said..."

And even Joss denied it a little bit!
There's more than one reason why it's called show business...
A link to the original moviefone (it's dot com) article, as opposed to the re-formatted AOL(?) version.

Credit where credit-and page hits-is due.
I think I just had a spontaneous happy accident. I hope I'm not the only one.
i would edit the entry but I'm on my phone traveling across NC and I keep getting the mobile link.
oh and sorry about the spoilers. my bad.
Nikki Finke predicted a $160m weekend for Avengers after the Friday numbers came in, and declared it "Not a record", so I don't take any of her gossip seriously.
$160m wouldn't have been a record -- the article states that the final Harry Potter had the record at $169m. That Avengers reached $200m was, I think, a surprise to most. The expectations from most people were in the range of $150-170m. They knew it would do well...just not $200m well.

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