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May 13 2013

Wil Wheaton writes: "In which Nathan Fillion sweeps Anne Wheaton off her feet". With photographic proof.

If that isn't the cutest thing I've seen all day! By the way, I love most of the Nathan FIllion photo ops from this day. I've seen so many and they're all so funny.
I liked that he wanted to be swept off his feet too.
Totes adorbs.
Very cute, but poor Nathan... is that a bandage on his hand?
Ha. Very cute.
embers, I noticed that too.
Is he right or left handed?
I could imagine him spraining his hand if they had him signing the pictures all day...
I recall seeing photos of him at the panel with it, and I think I heard he had it when he arrived. But I might be mistaken.
Awww,this made me smile.

Maybe the evil baby bunny bit him? They're not just cute like everybody supposes.
He had it when he arrived. He said what happened, but I've forgotten.
They're not just cute like everybody supposes.

+1 ;)
<3 Nathan and Will and Anne!

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