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May 13 2013

Australian release for Much Ado About Nothing - July 11! It will be a limited release.

I changed the link to the press release.
This just made my day. So excited!
That's my birthday!
I can't wait for this!!!

You have got to be kidding!!! -- That's the day I fly out of Sydney to the U.S of A. ---- so I can go to Comiccon!!

Hopefully they may have an Advance screening the week-end before.. or have the movie still showing at Arclight Cinemas or similiar when I arrive in the States..

Hell, I can even hope its on my flight!! ( I can dream!! ;) ..)

Squee! I can't wait!
It is truly a good week for the Whedonverse.
Well said, TenTonParasol.

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