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May 14 2013

"You'll Be Safe Here" - a celebration of geek culture. Can you spot Buffy and Mal? (Via SFX).

Love this picture! found them both after a bit
found Mal but not buffy
She's behind Gandalf.
teeny tiny buffy. She wasn't defined enough for me to be sure. no scythe or stake.
Oh I thought someone else was Buffy then.
How do we even know that tiny figure is supposed to be Buffy? Are we sure she was included?
Cool seeing this picture getting some love! I've had it for my wallpaper for a week or so now.
Click on the guide for more info.
Mal and Buffy are way too small to be obvious.
Took me awhile to pick out Mal - and Buffy is definitely hardly recognizable - but I am still LOVING THIS VERY MUCH! (Definitely eyeing the print for my birthday.)
Ok, didn't find Buffy -- but the only blond girl who I thought might be her turned out to be Veronica Mars, so that's fine, too ;-). Great picture!
I think Buffy should have been a lot bigger, they made her so small that it was pointless to include her at all.
Is the "Dean (age 9)" supposed to be a Winchester? I'm kinda bummed the Supernatural boys weren't featured. :(
I can't find Mal. Help!
Well I do think it is a little odd that Veronica Mars (who has no super powers, and isn't sci-fi or fantasy) is included relatively prominently while Buffy is hidden and barely there (don't get me wrong, I love Veronica Mars). But whoever did this gets to do it their way. I'm ashamed to say that I thought Harry Potter was some joking reference to 'Where's Waldo' (if Harry wore a beanie he'd be the spitting image of Waldo!).
Malka, you'll find Mal to the left of the Hulk (with Thor and the Crow between them). The Guide really is easy to use:
Embers, thanks -- I did not see the guide before.
And I was just about to complain about there being no Waldo...
Sheer neatness (and complaints about Buffy's size) aside, I love the title. I wonder how many kids have felt safe because of these heroes...
It's effective and clever, but I wish the females had been a little more evident. Buffy is almost invisible, and men in Lycra/Spandex dominate. I'm not sure I would feel welcome in that company, though I definitely count myself a geek.

OK, it's his amazing picture, his choices. Shutting up now.

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