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May 14 2013

Much Ado About Nothing UK website live, includes details where to see the movie. There's also a bunch more pictures and such on the website.

Now I only wish the other official site was this helpful. But I like this one a lot better. And it's really pretty.

"A brief history of Joss… as if you didn’t know." And it's interesting that some of the cast photos are in color.

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I didn't realise it wouldn't be shown in the bigger commercial cinemas - I was hoping I could just go down to my local Vue. Looks like I'm making a trip into London then!
Also hadn't realised it. Hm. Guess I might not be getting to see it after all.
Oh, that's kind of annoying. Guess I'll have to travel up to London sometime that weekend then.
I've just messaged the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford and they reckon they'll be screening it in July. Hurrah!
Hmmm that's a shame, guess I'll have to get down to Brighton for it. Interesting to see Warwick gets an early screening on the 12th -- that's cemented my plans for applying to Uni there if they get films like this early :)

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Does anyone know why some of the cinemas have later release dates? My local cinema in Aberdeen won't be getting it til 3rd July.
FWIW: In the crew section there is some info on Kai Cole which includes the following:

As Co-President of Bellwether, Cole is currently overseeing post-production on In Your Eyes and preparing Bellwether’s upcoming slate, including the Internet series Wastelanders and the sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along blog. Both are slated for production in early 2013.

Edited because braindead: Ooops. Not the most up-to-date information there, because IT IS early 2013.

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Holy crap, I can get to that inexplicable 12th June screening! I guess I know what I'm doing in-between exams!
Dude Meister - I've never been aware of it getting early screenings before. But this is wonderful. And shows that the people in charge have exceptional taste.
Why do they correctly state "IN CINEMAS 14th JUNE ACROSS UK AND IRELAND" and then use the anachronistic term EIRE in the "In Cinemas" section.

Éire (Spot the difference) is the name of the country in the Irish language. In the English language the name of the country is Ireland.

Eire is the legal term that the British government used to refer to Ireland since they refused to use its correct name until this law was repealed in 1981. Eire in the Irish language means a burden, load or encumbrance.

Always annoys me to see this ignorant term being used.

Also disappointed that it's not being shown locally so it will be the dvd for me. Rant over.
That site is made of nifty. I love all the little details about people involved.

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