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"Dude, Gwar fell on your car."
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May 14 2013

Another short Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. teaser. "Welcome to level 7".

Thanks, level 6 was kind kind of meh.
I adore Clark Gregg but wouldn't it have been fun if they used the voice of the game narrator from Scott Pilgrim?

Yeah, I'm already past acceptance and into the critiquing level of fandomness.
They need to ditch these teasers of teasers quickly. This only works when the thing you're teasing is 2-3 minutes long, not 30 seconds.
I can't wait for the gif of the vine for the teaser for the 30-second spot.
I'm waiting for the teaser for the teaser of teasers.
It will be a quarter second electronic chirp and a flash of purple light.
Patience. Probably at least 19 weeks until the first episode airs.
Technically a teaser is a teaser, whether it be 14 minutes or 14 frames long (why do you think they call them teasers?) Just going by the response here they seem to be working wonders. ;)
"Just going by the response here they seem to be working wonders. ;)"

Curse yoooou Wheeeeeeeeduuuuns!

Also; squee.

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