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May 14 2013

Extended trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. It's up on the ABC site. ETA: Now on Facebook. ETA: And on YouTube.

Give us a shout when it appears on YouTube as it's inaccessible here in the UK.
Now thats what I call a promo ;)
"Media not found."
2 minute 44 trailer. It's been pulled I think.
It's awesome. So much awesome.
The SHIELD site still says 96% until unlocked, and I haven't seen it anywhere but the ABC site, which doesn't even seem to be working for everyone.
I hope ABC goes all in and declares that the trailer was removed by a spy that infiltrated its servers, and then 1 hour later the video ends up on the Rising Tide site. That would be pretty great.
So great. Gonna kill me to wait until SDCC.
It plays in Internet Explorer. SO GOOD. "Don't ever tell me there's no way".

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So great. Gonna kill me to wait until SDCC.
At least you'll be there. ;)
You think about the commercials for Dollhouse and Firefly, and then you look at this...
I can't process how cool this is.
It's not loading on my US based iPhone or son's souped up gaming computer.

Did they pull it or is the sight just slammed?

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I think it needs Flash to play. And for some reason, not Google Chrome.
I can play the promo fine. I'm in the U.S. I'm on my lap top and yeah its playing in flash.
GUNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there's also some trademark Whedon wit. This should be awesome!
It's not playing for me either. I'll keep tryin!
I just watched it. Still there.

*giggles with anticipation of fall*
I'll try to upload it to youtube for you guys.
Wow. Had to TunnelBear and pause my adblock to see it, but so worth it. All the cast seem fantastic, and the effects are really a cut above the rest on network TV. I'm pretty sure I heard Cobie Smulders' voice near the beginning too (she asks Ward what SHIELD stands for and why -- which is responded to brilliantly).
"It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out S.H.I.E.L.D." So Whedonesque.
youtube is slow. 50 percent remaining.
I need a Shield? Awesome. He is so great at playing confused... Gunn wasn't stupid, but not hip to a lot of info, which made him awesome in moments like these. I wouldn't call this typecasting, but playing to strengths...
youtube link

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Ok, so Google Chrome worked for me.

Oh wow, and both my boys (age 13 an 6) were fully engaged for the whole trailer.

That bodes well as they don't tend to watch typical TV. They are children of Netflix and Youtube.

And yeah, Gunn, uhuh. Alrighty now....


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It was like I was watching a sequel to The Avengers. Fab.
It played fine for me.Has a lot of great moments and Joss touches are all over this.
Isn't that Cobie Smulders' voice interviewing Agent Ward?
Added official FB and YT links to the entry.
PS Did anyone else notice that it's sounds like Cobie Smulders' voice asking the guy questions at the beginning? Maria Hill cameo in the pilot?

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Makes you wonder what they're saving for SDCC.
I actually hope they don't show much more at SDCC. I know, I'm a giant killjoy - it's just sometimes, people want what they can't have. Sometimes buzz isn't showing everything.
Cobie Smoulder's

I'm not sure if the fix for that is "Cobie Smulders's" or "Cobie smoulders." One or the other, though.
Wow, that's a great trailer! I watched it twice!

It's Cobie Smoulders' or Cobie Smoulders's. Both are correct, one looks less awkward than the other.
That is one awesome trailer. Did they actually shoot in Paris ? if not, it looks very good.
This is great twenty ways from Sunday. If that's what I mean.

Seriousfully - what a great-looking (and sounding) trailer - in every way. I couldn't be more #PsychedToThe³
Actually it's Smulders' -- but I think we can all agree that was most definitely her voice. :D
The production values are crazy wonder if they will be able to keep that up for a full season. Lots of humour, lots of actions and characters I already want to know a whole lot about.
That, my friends, was made of awesome :). Loved how this had a blockbuster movie feel and how it really feels grounded in the world from avengers. What I liked most, though, is how this already seems like a real Joss Whedon show. The cast looked very likable, and there was more than enough of that trademark Whedonesque wit. I, for one, can't wait :)
Can't stop watching it. This bodes well.
@wasabi17 & Xander: Holy cannoli! That IS indeed Cobie!

I love this so so much!

Calling it now, Maria Hill joins late Season 1 or in the opener of Season 2 as a regular (once HIMYM is finally over)!
I'm glad other people thought it was Cobie Smulders' voice, Gunn was amazing, and I liked the witty "We wanted the acronym to spell out SHIELD "
I also love that Stark/Avengers tower is in the NYC skyline! I looked for the Oscorp Tower, but I don't see it. Hopefully they'll have the Marvel Skyline in Cap 2 and ASM 2 that they tried to do in Avengers/ASM
Man, I love Chloe Bennett's expression after the "is one of them gonna be the easy way" exchange. This is gonna be GOLD!
BTW, do I know what this does? No, I do not.

Do I want one? Yes. Yes, I do. It's frikkin' Bedazzling.
That is JAR's arm right? It looks like he has super speed in the promo.

COMICCON NEEDS to get here NOW!!! Hahaha.
Well before I was just excited for a new Whedonesque show. Now? Holy crap that was freaking awesome. I've watched it three times already.
It's weird but the guy in the computer generated reconstruction (0:57) looks a little bit like Fran Kranz.
The best Coulson joke in Iron Man was when he was trying to set up meetings with Tony and he kept having to explain SHIELD and what it stood for. I like that the name might be a running joke.

What I'm wondering (and of course you guys might know) is if SHIELD is a division...what is it a division of? I always thought SHIELD was its own agency without overhead. Not like the FBI, which is under the Justice Department. But being a division makes it seem like it's part of a larger agency.
"There are two ways we can do this..."

"Oh! Is one of them the easy way?"


I wasn't online much when Dollhouse started because of lack of internet and I didn't join Whedonesque til Angel was canceled(and only started watching Buffy during its last 2 seasons) so this will really be the first time I get to join in on the fun during a show's beginning on the black. I read so many of the Dollhouse discussions after they had already been talked to death. Posting while watching is always fun.
As far as show previews go I actually think it's kind of lame (which is what happens when you take something that's obviously already interesting and try to make it arresting as well.) It's always painful to watch someone try too hard, and I find it especially so when it's obviously not needed. With that said, the more I watch the clip the less I'm bothered by it, so...
J.A.R love! My need for a new clothes dryer is keeping me from SDCC this year so this is breaking my heart a little. My heart is being broken by awesomeness!
I don't think SHIELD is under the U.S.'s jurisdiction. It's a international agency.
I've started a news thread over at, if anyone's interested.
Okay, so it's like the UN. But with 100% more Coulson. Gotcha. Still doesn't explain what it's a division of. I guess it doesn't have to be, and agency doesn't work since it'd SHIELA.
I would like the show to explore the ramifications of an international organisation using SHIELD to try and nuke New York. Warren Ellis touched upon that sort of thing in his Stormwatch run.
Is it just me or does Clark Gregg sound like Nolan North (Drake from Uncharted) sometimes? It's creepy.
That trailer was freakin' awesome. This is gonna be golden.
Walkdogger I think Drake sounds like Nathan.
That was so utterly effing epic as a trailer. Excellent choice for Luke Cage, and it bodes well that the show could be a vehicle to measure the standalone potential of all sorts of Marvel characters.

Curious about something, though -- did Marvel give up TV rights to X-Men/Spider-Man/FF or just the film rights? Not that I would find TV series for them likely, but appearing on AOS would be a nice way to backdoor them into the MCU.

Okay, so it's like the UN.

Hey, no reason to be rude! :)

[ edited by KingofCretins on 2013-05-14 22:45 ]
:) I hope they explain more about how SHIELD works. It isn't realistic for people working for a shadowy agency to not be curious.
I love that Marvel Select toys are now canon to the MCU. And that, just like in real life, Scarlet doesn't get a figure. *feminist collector sad face*

This trailer does raise the question: if the world really knows the Avengers appearances so well that they are perfectly accurate action figures, posters and t-shirts, then how will Natasha and Clint function in the future as anonymous spies?
So, even aside from the fact that it's a show from Camp Whedon and it's a spinoff of the fantastic Avengers movie, I think it's really cool that we're getting a series about the supernatural where the general populace is fully aware of "the truth." Thanks to the attack on New York everybody in the world is fully aware of the existence of aliens and superheroes. I think that's a pretty cool twist on the supernatural dramedy that has become fairly commonplace on TV, and I'd be excited to see it even if it didn't have the pedigree it has. I'm pretty sure the only other show from recent years with an even slightly similar "no secrets" premise is True Blood, and that's obviously a very different show from S.H.I.E.L.D.
Need help...screaming uncontrollably!! WOOHOO!!! Awesome!!!
I love that Marvel Select toys are now canon to the MCU. And that, just like in real life, Scarlet doesn't get a figure. *feminist collector sad face*
Look again, to the left, no?
I blogged some thoughts about the extended trailer. No spoilers for anything else, despite the title.
So, there had been some question as to which superhero JAR is playing. Does the thingie on his arm give us a clue?
The One True b!X, that's a comic version of Widow, not Scarlet. Note the long hair with bangs.

Decent figure... not the movie Widow.
Ah, yeah, that's dumb. I guess at least they thought to put some sort of BW figure in there.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-05-14 23:30 ]

Not sure about the thingie on his arm, but I'm pretty sure his character is confirmed in the Marvel Comics "page flash" right at the beginning. Won't spoil it for you guys though...
Re: that "page flash" thing, that same character appears in a Marvel "page flash" from 2006.
the ninja report Ok, I think "100% more Coulson" just became my favorite phrase ever.

In fact...I was just saying to a friend I need to replace my "Buffy Lives" button I got at the convention I went to (Poor thing bleached until it was nearly pink, and had a bad habit of falling off the pin until I finally lost it), get a "Frodo Lives" button and a "Coulson Lives" one, but now I'm thinking "SHIELD - Like the UN but with 100% more Coulson" is even better.

Off to watch the trailer again. And again. And again.
He does? Hmmm... Technically everything pre-2008 isn't actually Marvel Studios... but they could have just re-hashed that same one.

At least the character kind of makes perfect sense in this context.
It's a shame. Joss has no experience whatsoever in depicting superpowered beings on screen, with a smaller tv budget and about oh, 13-14 or so seasons worth of practHEYWAITAMINUTE!
This trailer has me officially interested as a non-Marvel fan at last.
WoW. It's like Firefly meets X-flies meets The Avengers. I so need this now. So worried that I'll die before I get to see it. I want to see it that bad!!
Yes! Glad I could be of help, ShadowQuest. Everything could use 100% more Coulson.
So is J. August confirmed to be playing Luke Cage?
the ninja report Seriously - that needs to be a thing. That's just so perfect. I can see the SHIELD bird emblem and "Like the UN...but with 100% more Coulson" around the outside edge, top and bottom.
Cause no one really knows what the UN does anyway :P
Just clicked through my tabs:

tumblr: gif of Zoe and Mal - "...ain't we just."

twitter: open on pic of Beatrice hiding under the counter

Instagram: Mo's pic of the cast at the upfronts.

facebook: trailer for AoS first item on my wall

Wow. POWER Whedon night, indeed. <3
Oh Coulson, you came back to life? That's cool I guess. I mean, Buffy did it twice before she reached her mid twenties but you're kinda cool too.

Seriously though, I'm pretty mad that Joss is going to force me to pay for cable again. And I really think that's Luke Cage. Why would the character's identity be such a secret if it was some C lister like Rage?

Also this trailer got awesome all over me.
That was as good and intelligently written a trailer as I have ever seen.
Lottalettuce, I agree. It establishes what the characters do, some of their mannerisms, and propels a straightforward summary of the main show. Also, witty banter is always a win.
Cause no one really knows what the UN does anyway :P

Including the UN itself (I have my sources...)

* Which I shan't be divulging here lest the IRS send one of its special order, keyword-coded Predator drones after me. ;)

Lottalettuce, I agree. It establishes what the characters do, some of their mannerisms, and propels a straightforward summary of the main show. Also, witty banter is always a win.

Yes - now that you mention it does have a definite checklist-y feel to it - for better or worse.

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I may be driven to watch network TV again - who knew ?
That was so good that I almost wish I hadn't watched it. (Almost.)

SO exciting to see Joss-y stuff with new actors! And JAR looks fantastic. I will actually watch this on the TV on the night it airs. I never do that.
@ChuckBuried, wouldn't HD antennae be an option or Hulu? (Or do you mean cable internet service I suppose)

But yeah, an interesting thing from the trailer seems to be some hints of moral ambiguity still.

I mean SHIELD mostly meddled in the films from the perspective of the protagonists and there's the rabble-rouser (or whatever the good synonym is) perspective with the affable and attractive politically-conscious girl who I assume is half an audience identification figure? Granted the hunky dude is also presumably getting some introductory exposition and sounds new to the gig.

But yeah, just as we see there's at least one character who's suspicious of SHIELD and their random black-bagging tactics, J August Richard's character... I actually can't tell yet. We already have several moments of him saving women and kids but I'm pretty sure he's at least one of the characters throwing around other human people. I suppose we also see Melinda beat down someone dressed as a cop and she seems to be a protagonist too?

But there's that weird thing on someone's arm and I didn't really recall seeing anyone else with a similarish skintone and I'm immediately used to the comics language of "mysterious accessories tend to be evil."
What a great sight to wake up to! Watched it, watched it, shared it, watched it again. "Don't touch Lola" is already my favourite line.
And J.AR! Lots of theories about his character flying around, and oh man, so good to see him on a Whedon show again.
And now begins the waiting for an Australian pick-up and the (attempted) avoidance of spoilers!

Ahh! I didn't even think of Hulu. Must be all of the excitement. I rarely use the service, so do you know offhand if ABC is consistent with putting all of their shows up on it? If so I will be a very happy camper.

May look into Hulu Plus as well so as not to be tied to my laptop when I watch.
I am having a hard time imagining he *wouldn't* be Luke Cage based on the trailer. I mean, if not him, who? Because the thing I'm really having trouble imagining is that with the breadth and depth of the Marvel roster, that the plan would be to make up new superheroes instead of tapping that well.

A lot of folks seem to think it's Rage based on the marvel banner. It just doesn't seem to hold water to me. The pilot of the show wouldn't rely on such a no namer, would it? Cage has a fan base and name recognition.
AMAZING!!! Cannot wait any longer for SHIELD!
Haha, I LOLed at Joss whedon's line at the upfronts, Clark Gregg (agent Coulson) "an actor so talented even I couldn’t kill him."
Were the upfronts filmed? Because it sounds like it was very funny, with Joss predicting "extremely inappropriate fan fiction". However I'm afraid we'll have to wait until the show actually airs before all the really good slash is written. ;)
Thanks Bix, I didn't think that was confirmed about Cage but it makes so much sense. Seems to me to be the perfect use of J. August in the show, bringing in a somewhat minor character from the canon to feed the geeks a little love and hopefully launch a new phase of this fine actor's career.
TVByTheNumbers ( comments on SHIELD Extended Trailer and my (Peter) response

"@Jenny @landon @Seth @Michael @zth @JJF @Bran @RonDigi @MikeInLA

Oh Come on, that trailer had movie quality it was so good.

@RonDigi, “characters and actors look boring.”

You’re seriously going to tell me that Ming Na Wen, J August Richards, Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet look boring?

Ming Na Wen spent years on ER, was great in the Joy Luck Club and Eureka. And Chloe Bennett looks to be as good an actress as Summer Glau is. Joss Whedon doesn’t have bad actors.

“The film grade looks too bright.”

That’s true with all Marvel productions and they’re pretty successful."

[ edited by BuffyFirefly on 2013-05-15 05:50 ]
Looks bloody fantastic. So, so excited for the fall. :-)
Excellent. I'm excited.
So Coulson has a car named Lola. Do we think Lola is an ancestor of Vera? Strangely, I have a friend with cats named Lola and Vera ...
Thanks Bix, I didn't think that was confirmed about Cage but it makes so much sense. Seems to me to be the perfect use of J. August in the show, bringing in a somewhat minor character from the canon to feed the geeks a little love and hopefully launch a new phase of this fine actor's career.

I know that it's a delicate topic for some, but has it yet to occur to anyone that he might not make it 'round the bend, so to speak? After all, given the high profile nature of this project I've been finding it intriguing how little official recognition he's been getting for his involvement. It could be that his true level of involvement isn't quite as long-term as many people seem to be (hoping) thinking, and I highly doubt that they'd be introducing an established franchise character under such circumstances...
Brinderwalt, I could see that. But I also wonder whether they keep him off the radar especially because it's Cage. You don't really want that to be the focal point given that Cage is the outsider. If it's a foregone conclusion he's going to be a team player, it's not as interesting.
Maybe they learned their lesson with Victor in Dollhouse and are trying to make it more believable this time that the outsider dude might not actually be an insider.
Try as I might I've been unable to get my head around Joss playing in somebody elses sandbox. His sandboxes are just too good.

After seeing the trailer however, I'm actually looking forward to this a lot. I think I understand the show a bit better now (I've pretty much just watched Iron Man and The Avengers) so it seems like I could throw my weight behind this.

I might go and play in the sandbox with Joss.
Well I do think that the beauty of Agents of SHIELD is that Marvel hasn't set a great deal of canon in that area. I think it will give Joss the scope to make it his own. He'll be bringing in things that are currently happening in the movies and/or comics, but he will not be limited by those things. At least that is how I see it.
5 newly created main characters in a non-team that didn't exist before.. I doubt it's a coincidence.
"Don't ever tell me there's no way".

Money shot, and well done.
And we've given birth again; Okay, so it's like the UN. But with 100% more Coulson.
the ninja report

'"Like the UN...but with 100% more Coulson" around the outside edge, top and bottom.'

A bouncing babby Wheden-Meme!

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"This is the one. Stops time. Tell your friends."
Am I the only one who saw Gunn jump off a building clutching Penny?
This is so exciting. looks amazing.

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