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May 15 2013

(SPOILER) Angel & Faith # 22 preview pages. CBR has the preview for the next issue of Angel & Faith.

Even worse for me since I'll be away when the isuse comes out and won't have acess to a computer to even get spoilers.
SO NOT FAIR! :ast issue was hard enough, now THIS!!! GRRRR!!!!
Angel 's last words made me cry. Poor, poor Angel.
Wow. I have geekbumps.
They all look down on the last panel. Have they got a child!Giles?
Not necessarily - he could just be lying on the floor.
Like Angel in Buffy Season 3.
@Shep - sure, it's a more realistic option. But I got used for awesomely evil Jossian twists.

@Simon - you mean Giles is in his birthday suit?

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Could be. Though Spike and Buffy came back from the dead fully clothed. Did Darla? I can't quite remember.
@Simon - we're shown only Darla's face and shoulders, but she's supposed to be naked, I guess. Or, at the very least, topless.
Pretty sure Darla came back sans clothing. But of course in her case there was no body to work with--they were conjuring her up out of thin air. Giles' corpse is right there, clothes and all; I can't imagine why the spell would make them disappear, lol.
If Giles' corpse is already there and he comes back as his child self, wouldn't his body go through some weird rapid reverse-ageing process? Unless it's child-Giles in an adult body - which could lead to all kinds of wacky!

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I'd prefer a younger (25 year old) Giles to be brought back. Like the moment he was at his prime. I also think adult Giles would make an awesome addition to A&F cast - but have his memories of all he had been wiped away so we get to see a Giles w/o the Watcher's academy, the dark past or any knowledge of Buffy and her friends. He'll then be able to learn from A&F about nobility and fighting the good fight. I think that would be a good 'full circle' redemption for both A&F.

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Mr.Savath_Bunny - I've been in two minds about whether I'd want Giles back, but I love that idea. That'd be such a great way to put a new spin on his character, especially after all the backstory we've been given this season.

That being said, at the end of the day if the spell fails and Giles doesn't come back, Angel and Faith has been a pretty loving farewell to him.
@Matt7325 - I agree with you about the loving farewell with all the flashbacks of Giles' past, however I think that is where Joss is going to stab us in the heart.

A&F has built up this new love for Giles (more than we already had) via flashbacks to (presumptively) rob us of them by having Giles not recall anything that made him who he is. Thus making a new vulnerable Giles A&F's responsibility - and the student now becomes the teacher, and vice versa. But that's only my prognosis of this seasons conclusion.
Argh...they made last issue's cliff hanger even more...cliff hangery. LOL

I hope Giles comes back and everything works out. Just because, at this point, that is the most surprising direction they could go in with this story. Everyone is pretty much expecting the spell to not work or something to go horribly wrong. For once, maybe having something GOOD happen is the way to go.

Hey, if Joss can bring Coulson back...

Just saying
I agree. it's way past time for something to go right for these characters, Angel especially.
Having Giles back would be refreshing. We have never seen that much interaction between him and Angel without Buffy being involved in some way. We haven't even really seen all that much interaction between him and Faith for that matter. Much of the Faith/Giles relationship has been off page. They could do a lot of fun stuff with those three, especially if they bring in more of Giles' backstory as the Ripper. Giles has been such a HUGE part of this series anyway. Why NOT bring him back? They are in London too. Such a perfect fit for him.

Also, if we ever get to see Buffy and Faith actually getting along and working together as both partners and friends, Giles will have to be the bridge between them. The two of them are pretty much his surrogate daughters. Is it crazy to want to one day see a Buffy and Faith mini-series? No Scoobies. No Spike. No Angel. Just those two finally working together as a cohesive team.

Faith - "I got your back B. You ready for this?"

Buffy - "Five by five...and I can NOT believe I just said that"
If they do successfully resurrect Giles, he will be far from happy about it. I think he will lash out at Faith and refuse to even speak to Angel. Maybe that's the conflict they set up for the next issue, but he take some time to come around to join Angel and Faith in the fight against Whistler/Pearl/Nash.
Why would GILES be upset? If nothing else they have saved him an eternity of torment and hell. I'd think he would really really appreciate that.
Part of the reason that Giles was expendable was because in the comics his character just didn't really work. His dialogue was just always off and flat. ASH really brought him to life. He already helped Faith, there's not much more left to him. If he's a young version, however, that could work. And something that only works in comics medium pretty much, something they could never do on the show. But it almost seems to soap opera/sci-fi development. I think they should keep it as grounded as possible. Especially with the magic-less theme of the season. I've been disappointed how magic-y it's been otherwise, and this would be even worse.
I think Giles would be upset based on every conversation he's ever had about resurrection. He flipped out on Willow when she did it. To risk the same procedure with his own body and soul seems like something that would infuriate him. That being said, he might come around to being thankful to Angel that he saved his soul, but i don't think that would be his first impulse.
Well to be fair, Willow pulled Buffy out of heaven and had to use some scary dark magic to do it. I think Giles situation is a little different considering where he has been since his death. I can't imagine him not being happy just to be out of there. He might scold them for putting themselves in danger, feeling unworthy but all out anger? I don't see it. Time will tell I guess.

@narky...I couldn't disagree more with your assessment that Giles didn't work very well in the comics or that now since he has helped Faith he has nothing left. He has his slayer who is also his family, Buffy. The girl he loves like a daughter. He has Willow and Xander. Year after year that has proven to be enough for him and for us. The comics haven't changed that for me. If anything, Joss has made Giles more important, centering the entire Angel storyline around bringing him back.
Didn't joss once say that he killed Giles because he couldn't figure out what else to do with his character?

I don't necessarily agree with that sentiment, but if that's how Joss feels....well, he's the boss.
I could scream !!! Not only, because my comic book dealer can't get me the series since *many months* !!!

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