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May 15 2013

Agents of SHIELD cast talks to Access Hollywood. A few short exchanges with some of the actors, in NYC during ABC's upfronts.

Will Joss Whedon write more episodes? I ask this because he is writing and directing Avengers 2. But, he said that he would be involved on a story level. Does that mean he will be writing future episodes from the set of Avengers 2?
It's easier to write episodes from far away than directing episodes because writers don't have to be on set. Or will he be too busy to do any writing?
I certainly hope that he will write more than one episode. It would be sad to see him only write one episode on a TV show of his that finally appeals to a mass audience.

"DEADLINE: Is the plan for you to run S.H.I.E.L.D.?
WHEDON: I will be as involved as I can be mostly on a story level. On the TV show I can say, No, do it my way. Im just trying to keep it exciting and meaningful and surprising."
It's mentioned in the interview that he's already plotted character arcs through at least the first season. I think that's what he meant by being involved on the story level. I doubt he'll spend much time in the writer's room breaking individual episodes with the rest of the writers - certainly not once production on Avengers has begun - but the overall arc and many story elements are already there.
Actually, I recall - I believe it was the ABC head honcho - mentioning that Joss was coming up with stories for the next half dozen or so episodes shortly before or after the pilot was filmed. So there must be a number of stories broken if not scripts penned.
@Bigsofty, I'm sure Jed Whedon is a great writer too. Right? The show is in trustworthy hands. Right? I hope there's no Tim Kring type that will destroy the show.
I don't think it's imperative that Joss be incredibly involved, to the point where he's writing episodes. I have confidence in Mo and Jed and Jeff Loeb.
Don't worry, it'll be a great writer's room as always, BuffyFirefly. Not just Jed and Maurissa, Jeffrey Bell and Jeff Loeb, but the usual mix of veterans and talented newcomers. The writers' room is not an afterthought.

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