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May 15 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar's comedy given prime timeslot. The Crazy Ones, Sarah's new comedy with Robin Williams, is scheduled for Thursday at 9:00 pm.

Well my Thursday nights are awfully tight, but I am glad this won't be going up against AoS!
Some pictures from started showing up from the Upfronts and apparently she said she is joining twitter
Egotistical stuff follows-Easy enough in the age of remotes, I can watch BBT, flip to soemthing while that piece of trash is on, then flip back to this, and I hear well enough to enjoy most sitcoms. Of course, I'll have to stay in my landlady's kitchen til 9:30 because the TV in my room doesn't get reception that low on the dial, and the remote for the kitchen TV has no working 6-button on it so my choices or 8:30-9 are limited.

That aside, I'm really anxious to see this. I'm betting the two elads will ahve much better chemistry than anyone expects.
Really looking forward to seeing this.
Wait a minute. I originally posted this, but it was taken down. I looked in the archives to make sure I wasn't repeating anyone else's post, but no...

That said, glad to see SMG grace the small screen again.
Mcjw_serenity, the pickup to series got deleted several times as it had been already posted. I think the timeslot post is new.
Does anyone know what shows it will be going up against?
So far it'll be up against Grey's, Glee, and Sean Saves the World (new comedy w/ Sean Hayes). Seems a safe bet that the CW show on at 9 pm will be The Originals.
Thank you DreamRose. I'm liking it's chances!
I think NBC dodged a bullet with this one. I thought it was weird they scheduled Michael J. Fox show at 9.30 but it seems they avoided pitting MJF against Robin Williams.

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