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May 15 2013

"The Crazy Ones" preview, with Sarah Michelle Gellar. CBS just released the first look at the new comedy.

Ahhhh, this looks so good. I've really missed seeing SMG doing comedy!
Yeah - this looks like so much fun!
It does look very promising. Sarah and Robin Williams seem to have a very good chemistry.
I will watch this, but the entire time I will be pretending that SMG is playing Buffy leading a double life.
The who episode appears to be about the agency keeping the McDonalds account. I guess they have forgiven SMG for the Burger King ad she did when she was five....
I think I have a different sense of humor than everyone else, 'cos I thought it was pretty cringeworthy. :)
You just got punched out by a girl the Slayer!
I prefer the more understated Robin Williams, which does NOT look like the character who's in The Crazy Ones...
Yay! Looking forward to this.
SMG and Robin Williams have chemistry alright... the kind that leaves you frantically searching for a hazmat suit. Yikes... hope the show is better than the preview.
Already funnier than Free Agents. I'll watch it.
I'd prefer a more restrained Robin Williams. He's sometimes... too much. But it seems him and Sarah will be a good duo. And I think the show is funny. Also, I like James Wolk a lot. I hope he'll finally be in a succesful show.
That sucked much less than I expected. Might give it 3 eps to see if it works. Watching 3 higher priority shows in that time slot though. I don't give it much of a chance.
I'm looking forward to seeing on screen two fantastic actors that have two totally different styles of acting.
I'm really looking forward to this.
Lack of a laugh track is always a plus.
But how will we know if something was funny?!
I'd get tired of watching Gellar play straight woman all the time. She's got her own comedic chops. And Williams can be grounded and restrained when he wants to be. So role-reversals would have to happen on a regular basis for me to enjoy this.
Yeah, I hope it's not all Sarah reigning in Robin all the time. That's not funny to me at all. I LOVE Hamish though and have missed him since Old Christine so yay.
There were some funny bits in there, particularly the Kelly Clarkson McDonalds Sex Song stuff:
It's not the meat, it's the motion.
We'll have to sanitize that entire area.

I wouldn't worry about Sarah not getting to do funny. There usually aren't any completely straight-man characters in a sitcom.

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