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May 15 2013

"Much Ado About Nothing" screening kicks off the Oscars Outdoors 2013. The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will open its summer movie screenings with "Much Ado About Nothing" on June 5th.

This is super exciting. (Okay, the week keeps getting more and more exciting around here.) Mark that it's actually being taken seriously and not just "Whedonverse knows how to stack it"?
@TenTonParasol, I still think it won't get nominated because there are other great movies vying for Oscars. But now that Joss Whedon is a household name, I'm not so sure anymore.
This is about a summer movie festival. There's no explicit connection to award nominations. I did edit the post to try to avoid confusing people about that.
Also, just an fyi, it looks like the tickets will be free via Los Angeles' public radio station's membership level to "Matt's Movies". Ticket availability to the general public is available starting May 22. (Clicking on the "buy tickets" right now will lead to the 40th Student Academy Awards and NOT Much Ado. So be sure you buying the correct event.)

[ edited by gus on 2013-05-16 01:11 ]
Yeah, I wasn't under the impression it's connected to the awards. But I was thinking maybe there's a chance Much Ado showing at this festival is taking it more seriously than it winning the audience awards.
Thanks gus, my head was spinning trying to figure out what it was trying to make me buy that clearly wasn't Much Ado.

I'm excited. Guess this is how I'm seeing the film!!!

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