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May 15 2013

How Sarah Michelle Gellar landed her role in 'The Crazy Ones'. She also touches on the possibility of guest starring on Agents of SHIELD.

I would have an emotional breakdown (in a good way) if Sarah even cameoed on SHIELD.
Dawwww, she's mother of the year for introducing Charlotte to Genie and Kelly Clarkson.

I would vibrate through the ceiling if she was a guest star on SHIELD. So what if she's 7 inches shorter than the character is listed on Carol Danvers, dammit.
Man, that would be amazing!
My heart broke a little when she shook her hand after punching the robot.
Me too, narky, me too.
It probably has to do with region locking but I couldn't find a link to the video mentioned on the page, so here's one: Ghandi Jeans
I'm wishing Sarah the best in, "The Crazy Ones". Sounds very promising.

I really wouldn't place too much stock whether she will appear in, "SHIELD". It was that mention of the name, Les Moonves, that tosses doubt there.

Anyhoo, congrats to Sarah!
Hi Maddy!

I'd love Sarah to appear in AoS, but only as Buffy. My head would pop off with unmitigated fangirl joy, but I'd enjoy it.
Willowy; Wrong universe, sorry :-).
DaddyCat, does it have to be, though? I can totally see the Buffy from seasons 8 and 9 dropping in on the crime/alien/monster fightiness of the SHIELD agents. :D
I'm also just happy to hear Sarah say that AoS is gonna be amazing ! :)

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