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May 15 2013

Jeffrey Bell confirms J. August Richards is NOT playing Luke Cage. His interview with IGN reveals some new stuff about the role and the overall tone of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bummer. I was getting kind of attached to him being Luke Cage. But I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever it is he is playing (I always enjoy J. August Richards). It is probably wise of Jeffrey Bell to kill that rumor early.
I don't think JAR necessarily has the physique for Luke Cage, I imagine him to be bulkier.
If AoS is like Angel Season Two, then I'm sold.
Or season 5 - I'd be there for that ride as well ;).

Anyway, seems like JAR is just a quest star. Here's hoping we see him more than once, though :)

ETA: typo. Typing on a phone is hard ;)

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Starts with M? Ms Marvel?
Martian Manhunter - I should've known.
M...fashnik? Like mmm, cookies?
Maybe 'Muh'fashnik like Muh... fashnik.

Unfortunately not Muh... Luke Cage, though.

I really would prefer that they don't waste time having an existing Marvel Who's Who character show up, just to normalize it. Good and evil, I hope characters are walking through continuously. So next bet would tend to be on Rage, I guess.
Well, let's have a look at the Wikipedia's list of Marvel characters beginning with M:

That's a long list. Has a few pre-existing SHIELD agents on it. Bell could have been grasping for a surname.
The article itself disclaims that he might have been going "hmm", not pronouncing the first consonant of a name.
Personally I'm glad to know that he's not necessarily playing a specifically "black" character and could be anyone in the Marvelverse, known or unknown, and he was cast for his awesome acting not specifically for the color of his skin. (Although I'm guessing it's probably not Ms. Marvel, despite the "m" sound.)
Yeah. I don't care about the Luke Cage of it, but I like the idea of casting the best person for the role. I remember hardcore Bond fans starting a protest website and going on TV about Daniel Craig as Bond because they said he was a terrible fit and would kill the franchise. They were wrong.
Not because of the "Ms." sound? :)

I don't know what could possibly be wrong with it if he is playing one of Marvel's iconic black superheroes, I actually think it would sort of invalidate said characters -- always underrepresented or unrepresented in live action form -- to leave them on the Marvel bench in favor of race changing (is there a handy internet rule for this, like Rule 63?) one. It's not like Nick Fury, who Marvel themselves reimagined inspired by the actor that would eventually play him.
Maybe he's playing "Mmm," who has superpowers of consideration.
I'm glad he's not Luke Cage. He just doesn't look he part. But I think he'll be great as M....

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