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February 28 2004

"Wonderfalls" already getting the Firefly treatment. The show's 11th produced installment is currently scheduled to air as the series' second episode (incorrect story see comments for further details - Simon).

FOX is at it again - looks like those who like the show will have to fight to keep it - at this rate.

Unless Wonderfalls is an exceedingly standalone-style show, this makes even less sense than the decision about Firefly's pilot. On the one hand sure, at least Wonderfalls gets its proper beginning, but jumping all the way to the eleventh episode and airing it as the second? Won't that be just the least bit jarring?

I don't have a Nielsens box (or the Canadian equivalent), so maybe I'll just tape Wonderfalls and watch it once the season's finished/cancellation hits, so I don't have to suffer through Fox's butcherings. Or at the very least, if they don't mess with the rest of the order, I could just save episode 11 for viewing after 10.

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I've seen the pilot and I would think they need a few episodes shown before jumping this far - the family dynamic alone of this show is a bit hard to follow in the first episode - I think you would need to establish that first.
Here's a dumb question then. What is the point of the pilot if it's hard to follow? Programming decisions made by the networks are making less and less sense to me.
RavenU -- did you like the pilot?

Fox operates by insane troll logic. There is no other explanation that I can see. Except maybe that they are totally contemptuous of their viewers' intelligence and think that we won't notice continuity problems because we'll be dazzled by whatever pretty/sexy/cool thing we're supposed to see in episode 11. You know, the thing that's supposed to get us hooked on the show until it's cancelled midway through the season.
You think your show is special, or original?
Welcome to FOX, bend over.
Why does Fox insist on making me hate them so? I plan on watching Wonderfalls, but I'm afraid I'm going to feel like somebody who just got dumped. You comes this pretty, new, wonderful show/person, and you really want to let it into your heart, but you're so bitter, jaded, cynical and hurt from being dumped (Firefly, Angel) that you can never really let it in.

Wonderfalls is going to be my Riley, and I have the evils of network television to blame!
Did that really say 11th episode?!


I just really don't get it.
Is it just me or does it feel like there's some insane plot against anyone involved with Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. I am not being really serious...but it just feels like this is what is going on.
FOX just doesn't know how to treat a show that has plot development and character development.

I saw the pilot a few months ago and loved it. I was skeptical about the premise--whether it could be pulled off cleverly and with a good sense of reality--but I thought the show did a great job.
Wonder if we'll get to see eleven episodes?
Tim Minear - Feb 28, 2004 10:02:20 am PST #1727 of 1729 Mark

FutonCritic is wrong, wrong wrong. Jess and Gus are correct. I wrote air-episode two in the production-ten slot. This was the luxury of not being up against air dates. I was able to look at what we had and, with an understanding that only comes with making ten episodes (and actually testing two of them -- a story I will relate after we air epsiode two), I was allowed to create TWO of the later episodes to go earlier.

What you will see as episode two and episode four were shot as 10 and 12. To GO IN THE TWO AND FOUR SLOTS. I promise. I might mention, however, that there is one early episode, an important episode that sets up many things to follow, that the network DID want to push. I wrote a vey specific memo explaining why I felt this was not a great idea. They agreed. Episode five will air where it's supposed to. Fear not, young ones.

Well, that's a relief!! I plan to watch.
So, the eps are going to air in the right order, at least as far as we know?
Tim has also posted this on the An Angel's Soul Spoiler Board.
Okay, here's what I think's going on: The eps will air in order, except for the pilot, which FOX plans to air in the middle.
NOTE: When Tim Minear is counting the episodes, he is not including the pilot. He came on board after seeing the pilot.
There are 13 episodes total. "Wax Lion" will air first, and "Karma Chameleon" will air second.
That's a relief about the other episodes but, really, the pilot is not being aired first? Insane troll logic.

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