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May 16 2013

Joss Whedon will be at the British Film Institute's 'In Conversation' series on June 12. For tickets and details hit the link.

And it sold out. 5 minutes that took.
Yep I got to it at 8 minutes and all gone. Quicker than the Glasgow Film festival?
Ahh man, I'd have loved to have seen this. I was at the session he did up at the Edinburgh Film Festival around the Serenity Premiere and just hearing him chat about his work for so long was fantastic.
Lucky you MobileHQ my mates had tickets for that and I couldn't go because of un-moveable travel commitments. :(
There will be a standing queue on the day, as per BFI. Also maybe worth keeping an eye on the site incase more tickets released or resold.
Oh my, I'm really shocked it sold out THAT fast, is it a tiny venue?
Maybe someone needs to rent an auditorium and get Joss to talk there too, while he's in town.
@gossi Even though I'm keen, going all that way (6hr round trip) on the off chance for the standing queue, not sure I can do that.

Will just have to keep an eye like you say, for tickets.
I'm surprised, BFI normally does big ticket events on a raffle basis. By the biggest fluke ever I got front row seats, absolutely made my week.
Must be my lucky day. Did any other Whedonesquers manage to sneak tickets or will I be our solitary representative?
Grr Argh! The one day I don't come on here until the evening and I miss out on tickets for something like this!!

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Noooooo ! I don't get how it could've sold out so fast. I'm in England until June 15th, this would've been perfect. I want to cry.

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