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May 16 2013

Much Ado About Nothing cast on a Seattle morning show. Alexis, Amy and Nathan graced the set of a Seattle morning TV show in advance of tonight's premiere of Much Ado at the Seattle International Film Festival.

They discussed Joss, the accessibility of the film's approach, and even tookthe time to (not) answer a Castle question.

Very nice, snappy little interview. :)
This is really a nice entertaining interview. Of course the film festival screening is selling out, but I hope that the movie does well when it opens in theaters!
Very nice interviews (they really are such sweet people), although I would have liked to hear a bit more from Amy. Anybody know what project Nathan was working on that made him miss the Castle wrap party?
The screening and panel were so awesome! I felt a teeny, tiny bit bad for the SIFF folks who wanted to have their film festival opening night in the midst of thousands of Joss fans, but once all of their stuff was over, it was pure fun.
BTW, while trolling IMDB I noticed that Stacy Shirk ("Groupie #2" from Dr. Horrible) is also in Much Ado as "Servant".

Her IMDB profile lists only these 2 projects, but if you're going to have only 2, having them both be with Joss isn't bad!
Hey geauxgeaux - Speaking as a SIFFer, and a Whedon fan, I thought the Joss fans were very patient about the whole thing. Normally, it doesn't take that long to get to the main event, but Deborah did a lot for SIFF, and the occasion needed to be marked. I don't think anyone minded. It was kind of a win-win all the way around. Now, I just have to see the movie again.
Is Nathan okay? He's not looking too good these days.
Znachki: unfortunately, I did hear a lot of disgruntled muttering. It might have helped if one of the presenters had begun with saying "we're going to take a few minutes to acknowledge the people who made this possible, say farewell to our exiting superperson, and present our annual award," etc, because as it was, I really had no way to know how long all the speeches were going to go or what was going to get trotted out THIS time. ;) It's a matter of expectations, mostly.
Is Nathan okay? He's not looking too good these days.

I think he just looked sleep-deprived, which wouldn't be surprising with all the promo work and so forth. I thought he probably hit just the right note about the language, by the way; I know a lot of people do feel nervous about their ability to understand Shakespeare's dialogue but, as he says, there's a world of difference between reading it on the page and hearing it spoken by people who understand what they're saying.
I'm glad to hear that the perspective of a SIFF regular was different from mine. Like Casira, I felt some discomfort in the audience by the second or third speech. As least the impending Joss lovefest didn't dampen SIFF spirits, Znachki!

It was interesting to see small chunks of people actually leaving before the panel. Another dichotomy between those that were there for Joss and those there to primarily celebrate the SIFF opening.

Not judging at all, just observing.
Is Nathan okay?

His right eye looked bad in the interview. This morning he tweeted that he has a nasty eye infection. Hope he gets well soon!

(Nathan is in excellent company because I have one, too ;-))

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Yeah - the SIFF folks know that the opening has a bunch of that stuff going on, so it was no big deal. Plus - every SIFFer knows that nothing, but nothing, ever starts on time!

geauxgeaux - for many people, the party is the thing. Get out, get to the food and drink!

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