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May 16 2013

Joss Whedon to appear on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' next Friday. He'll be promoting Much Ado About Nothing on the 24th.

Whoa. Is this the first time Joss has done a late-night talk show? He really has blown up.
Yes as far as I know. I've always wanted him to do the late night chat show circuit.
Awesome! I will be watching.
Do they tape it that day? Because, uh, I'll be in NYC that day...

ETA: gah, seems they book tickets 4-6 weeks in advance. So, chances are pretty much slim to none that I'd get any anyhow. Ah well.

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Some shows tape their Friday shows on Thursday. Ferguson does that. Not sure about Fallon.
I've been waiting years for this to happen. About damn time, I say. Didn't think it'd be Fallon, but it does make a lot of sense, and kudos to Jimmy and team for nabbing him first. Hopefully a chain reaction will follow.
I thought it might have been Kimmel, bit of the old corporate synergy thing going on. I still want to see Joss on the Daily Show.
That is awesome! He'll be great on the late night circuit :). Very, very cool.
Sweet, I hope he gets round to Conan one day too.
Finally....I have a reason to watch Jimmy Fallon!
OK, this may be a stupid question, but since Jimmy Fallon comes on where I live at 12:37 AM, does that mean the show is taped on Thursday the 23rd, then aired after midnight, when it will be Friday, the 24th? Or is it taped on Friday the 24th, then aired that night, even though it will then be Saturday by the time it comes on? I will set up my DVR for both dates, but am still curious . . .
floofypoof, the broadcast day ends around 5am (some networks vary) so it will air late Friday night which is technically Saturday morning.
We'll need to put pressure on suggest to Joss that he be REALLY funny because then all the talk shows will want to book him! The Emmy and Oscar voters will take him more seriously. Soon he'll have a million followers on twitter and he'll never come here to Whedonesque ever again...

hey... wait a minute!
FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! Joss on a talk show! Hope it's the first of many.
IrrationaliTV, thanks!
I still want to see Joss on the Daily Show.

Good lord I don't know why I have never thought of this. I'm not sure I could even handle that much wit all at once.
This is awesome! Too bad Fallon was, like, 7th on my list of late night shows I'd want to watch him on. But it's better than nothing. ;)
Joss...hanging out with Jimmy Fallon? Some totally awesome Must See TV is almost upon us!


Though I hope this is just a gateway to stuff like The Daily Show (but after Jon Stewart gets back from being a film director...John Oliver's good but J Stew is the shizney!) and The Colbert Report. Or start working the other shows like Conan and Craig Ferguson before moving onto the Comedy Central twosome ;D
I don't blame him for picking Fallon - young and hip market, not old and hip replacement market - but I hope he makes it to @CraigyFerg. The wordplay would be awesome. :)
I'd rather see Joss on "The Talking Dead".
My fave late night talkies:

Fallon - funny guy with great band and good guests
Conan - (used to be 1) funny but lame band and no so great guests
Fergeson - funny but no band and so-so guests
Leterman - seems like a jerk but Paul is cool
Leno - nice guy but boring

So Im pumped for next Friday!
The musical guest for Joss's episode has been announced- They Might Be Giants. So, my favorite band and my favorite director/writer/raconteur, both on the same show. Can't wait!
I have to agree w/KingofCretins, I really do think it would be more fun to have Joss on 'The Talking Dead' or 'Nerdist'! And of course I agree w/Simon that I REALLY would enjoy seeing Joss on The Daily Show. But all in all I'll take what I can get.
Please Please Please Please do Craig Ferguson next. You'd have a blast there, I just know it!

Anyway, excited to see him on Fallon too. Yay!!
Yes, cabri and Dreamrose311!! @craigyferg is the best! And Talking Dead? He'd be perfect!
Oh, if only Joss did impressions -- he and Fallon could do dueling Tebowies!
I want to see him on Ferguson and The Daily Show as well. :)
Also, there will be a market screening of Much Ado About Nothing (5.30pm) in Cannes today. I hope someone will pick it up.
And Craig Ferguson would want to talk about Doctor Who, and that would get Joss thinking, and Joss would end up writing an episode...

Hey, it could happen!
@redeem147 Oh yes! I can see that happen. I'd probably be a bit disappointed now, if it didn't. Fandoms colliding are the best accidents ever.

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