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May 16 2013

The ultimate spaceship face-off. Nine famous space vessels (including the smoothest ride in the Verse) face off to see who is the fastest in this article from

That's pretty cool. A lot more interesting than the usual lists we get here.
Hah, indeed Simon (says the guy who's put up a few of those). That's nifty although it certainly doesn't make one want a Firefly class ship if one's got places to be in the universe.
Well as Book said, how you get there is the worthier part.
If I run the race multiple times, the Heart of Gold with the infinite improbability drive should not always win or even arrive at it's destination. Hmmmm, shenanigans I say.
I suppose the simulator is assuming best possible outcomes and figures. It does mention the fact that the Heart of Gold isn't exactly reliable in the blurb below. I like the whole thing because it does note why each ship moves how it does. Looks like they put a whole lotta thought into it, and I highly appreciate that.

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Well it is clear to me that if you want speed you should go on the TARDIS (fast and has a swimming pool!). But if you agree w/Book and Simon, as I do, that "how you get there is the worthier part" I would still take Serenity because it is homey and comfy and has all my favorite characters riding in it!
No Moya but Jupiter bloody 2?

The rest of the article is pretty interesting (though I think that ESB takes place over a few months, doesn't it?), though.

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Love the list but wish both Destiny and Moya were included.

I mean Destiny jumped!, if I did my admitted basic calculations right, Serenity could do a run from Earth to Mars in 24 days/3.5 weeks since the Earth averages 1.5 AU distance from Mars?

Not too shabby, if compared to the speculated 6-month trip for any journeys using current space tech to the Red Planet...but one would assume the old gal would be a tad faster with the overthruster/burst drive/whatever the special propulsion system she has that Wash uses to fry the Reaver vessel in the pilot episode...
Yeah, but I believe it's mentioned that the whatever the hell it is burns out quickly and it's not actually meant to be used for normal travel, so I personally wouldn't include it in the calcs.
So I see no clear verdict - which is fastest? Tardis?
I think both the TARDIS and the Heart of Gold can get there at the same time, if they get there at all, that is.
Yeah, I think TenTonParasol is correct: the winners are a tie between TARDIS and The Heart of Gold, both of which can end up in unbelievably wrong places... but in the fast time.

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