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May 16 2013

Joss Whedon talks to TV Fanatic about SHIELD. Short little video interview from the upfronts. Its a bit hard to hear with all the people in the background.

I wonder how ABC have treated Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen with their network notes on S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Fox with Dollhouse and Firefly. Do you think ABC is treating Joss better than Fox did because of The Avengers success? I think probably so. I know that ABC President Paul Lee is a former cable executive because he helped create BBC America. So maybe he'll let SHIELD be a better show than Steve McPherson would have done. I hope this doesn't happen.

"During the meeting scene, when the secretary asks if they’re expecting the Captain to attend and the agent replies he’s on his way, let’s clarify for people who are new to these characters that we’re talking about Captain America.
Why is the intern sent to go get suspenders as a welcoming gift for the Captain? Is it because he is from an earlier era? Clarify."

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Why assume there is an issue or problem? What a horrible way to anticipate something fun. Everything is fantastic until you hear differently. Repeatedly.
@IrrationalTV, I actually have a great feeling that SHIELD will be good and will do well.
Could have fooled me. Meh.
I would guess AoS will have a more copacetic relationship with network and studio than did Dollhouse for the simple reason that by now, everybody at ABC, Disney and especially Marvel already know what AoS is - they had it even before Joss did - whereas with Dollhouse, Fox had no prior relationship to anything about the concept.
I think for the big networks, a lot of the projects they put on air are considered experiments. They know the audience is there but they don't know whether the audience will watch. That's why promotion and the way a show is presented can kill it or make it successful. AoS isn't really an experiment since Marvel and ABC know what they're getting. The trick is going to be riding the line between big explodey moments and the season long mythology. I enjoy shows that employ long arcs because I like the investment. If I can drop in and out of a show and not have to catch up to understand what's going on, I don't know that a show is worth my time.
Can't watch the video right now but I expect that like Buffy, Fringe, Elementary, XFiles, etc., we will have the usual Monster/Problem of the Week eps with Mytharc eps.

Although, maybe that genre will be deconstructed and something new will be created.

Even so, Joss has now proven himself with Avengers. I suspect he has some more power to argue any creative choices of the production team. I bet ( hope?) they test any unidentified limits of Disney and Marvel.
Reading these comments is really bringing home for me that Joss Loves Television, and believed in it enough, in spite of the previous heartbreaking experiences with Firefly and Dollhouse, to say, "Glad The Avengers did really well, but you know what would be totally awesome? A TV show..." I think he could've totally signed the deal for the movies and been all, "Yeah, this is going to be good," and I don't think anyone would have batted an eyelash. But he knew he had a good idea, was confident that he could get good work out of great people who would help him make it awesome...

I'll stop before there's any visible swooning.
He sounds like he's losing his voice, there.
As for the comment, FOX vs ABC, I think that point is irrelevant and mute here. I feel FOX gave Joss a fair deal concerning, "Dollhouse", and that was so. Actually, either would love to have him, our mastermind of stories.

Where was I? Oh, really looking towards, "Shield", guess we're all! I'm so hoping we can spin that thing up. I've so missed discussing the "inside outs" with you fine people!

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