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May 17 2013

Joss Whedon talks Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch and Iron Man's roles in Avengers 2. This interview was conducted at this week's ABC upfronts. Spoilers for the end of Iron Man 3.

The most interesting thing about this to me, as someone who doesn't read any comic books, is that these two characters are actually the twin children of Magneto from X-Men. Which I assume is legally NOT possible to delve into at all in Marvel's Disney movie franchise.

Meanwhile I'll just be over here in the corner fantasizing about Joss doing a movie with Michael Fassbender in it.
I'm sure they will make indirect references to their parentage and just never say the name "Magneto."
IIRC Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch "did not know" who their father was for a long while. So it could be a non-issue for a long while.
My understanding from reading way too much on the internet about this movie and the whole Marvel rights issue is that they wouldn't refer to Magneto, nor would they refer to these characters as mutants.
There's an extremely faint chance that Fox and Marvel have done a deal and X-Men: Days of Future Past also ties into Avengers 2 by having Wanda and Pietro go through a dimensional portal from the X/FF Verse into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or something. Certainly I could write a really bad fanfic about it.
I get so tired of the stinginess of the various studios with their "That's MINE" attitude about superheroes. Why can't everyone just play nice? Better movies, fans are happy, people get paid. Seems like a win-win to me.

The lack of Spider-Man in Avengers still rankles.
Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and introduced in X-Men #4. (Rogue of the X-Men was introduced in Avengers, so it's not necessarily where characters debuted for the movie rights.) Even though Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver didn't know Magneto was their father in the beginning, he was influential since he recruited them to be villains.

It is sad that the crossover plots between X-Men and Avengers can't be included in the movies since these are some of the best stories. The Rogue/Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel) plot would be great material for movies, but Fox and Disney would never allow it and chances are Carol eventually gets added to the Avengers movie roster.
Willowy, I'm sure Sony would be thrilled to loan Spider-Man back to Disney for a nice chunk of the profits. Sony's hurting. Disney not so much. :)
I hope you're right, IrrationaliTV. They certainly couldn't be bothered with the first Avengers, though. I realize he had just had his own reboot come out, but the timeline could've worked!

Wolverine needs to be there too.

Willowy, I said that with tongue firmly planted in cheek. It won't happen. Marvel won't pay one more dollar than they have to (and the last couple movies proves they don't have to) and Sony or 20th probably won't negotiate on those two characters. Lesser ones maybe but not Spidey or Wolverine.

Could happen I guess if all the stars aligned perfectly... Nah.
The presence of Spider-Man would rankle even more, to some of us.
@Willowy because studios are greedy
I hear that, symbiotics, but everyone would get a buttload of money if a deal was struck. Seems like pettiness and bad business to me NOT to find a way.

Curious Risch22, why would Spider-Man being with the Avengers rankle?
Making each superhero be their own separate franchise limits the moviemakers in the stories they can tell, and that's bad. But forcing everything to take place in a single universe with a single shared continuity also negatively restricts storytelling, I feel. I think the current setup, with three or four separate continuities is probably the best compromise between the two extremes.
I think the MCU probably would want its own version of Spidey anyway. They are all separate films, but New York in Amazing is very different to New York in Avengers. Plus Spidey has a terrific rouge gallery in and of itself. In comics, you have the main universe, but you also have different unrelated universes. Amazing is a different universe. The boring business reason is that its due to contracts and greed, but the more exciting perception is that its just a different comic-book series that co-exists. As comics always have.
Spider-Man and Wolverine are pretty new to their Avengers affiliations compared to, well, almost everyone else. There are a lot of great characters from Avengers' long history who more deserve (for lack of a better term) to be seen in the franchise over them.
That's true, b!X, but Spidey's my favorite, so he's welcome on my screen anytime. ;)

I do see the necessity and bigger storytelling picture for keeping them separate, but I'd like to see him drop by once in a while, individual Rogue's Galleries notwithstanding.
I'm ecstatic about these two coming to Avengers. I also want the Vision. How cool would that be?
Since hoping for XMen references in Avengers movies seems hopeless... I wonder if Disney is going to be completely barred from mentioning these two have mutant powers? They must have worked something out to explain why they are superheroes, surely... Will be interesting to see how they handle it, and whether or not they enter the franchise as evil-becoming-good, or just are good guys from the start.

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