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"Come here tiny man! You are small and toylike!"
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February 28 2004

Puppet Angel desktop wallpaper... For the Puppet Angel in all of us!

Thanks for posting this, I love it, and sent copies to all my Angel friends.
I love this to death. Many thanks for posting it. My only problem is that I'm going to have a hard time taking my computer at all seriously with PuppetAngel glowering at me, holding his tiny sword.
I was searching for puppet wallpaper as soon as that episode ended...and here it is!!! Thank you so much!!!
I'd really love to see a wallpaper of the group walking in to battle led by puppet Angel and his sword!!!!
Crazy, I can make a request and get someone to make one.
That would be awesome!
I would love that one also.
most appreciated, i can giggle at angel....
nice job. esp. the seriousness....

Thank you so much, itís livened up my dull computer desktop. Puts a smile on my face every time I flick between tasks and catch a glimpse of the wallpaper.

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