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May 18 2013

Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' kicks off Seattle Film Fest with great fanfare. covers Thursday's screening in Seattle. A video of the red carpet event featuring interviews with Alexis, Amy, Clark and Joss can be here and some fab pics from the Q&A can be found on Flickr.

Clark Gregg: please do call that real estate agent. We'd love to have you. :)

By the way, for anyone who hasn't seen the gum wall he mentioned:
Ahh, the gum wall, disgusting and fascinating at the same time. I send people that way all the time.

Best thing about this articla for me, is that SIFF finally got some love! This is an awesome festival, but since it isn't seen as "important" by the industry, it gets very little press. Of course the timing doesn't help either. I guess I should be happy about that though, since the other option would mean that everything would be too exclusive.
SIFF has never been about deal-making or photo-ops. I love this festival. For 39 years running, it has remained focused on the appreciation of the artists/artistry of film and on bringing movies from around the world to movie-loving fans.

Don't ever change, SIFF!

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Ah, if only I were fabulously wealthy, or at least not dirt-poor, I would have been there for a certainty. Instead I was just mere miles away and totally unable to attend. But I'll see it when it comes out -- not long now!
They had a little fan-sighting red carpet area to the side actually, but unless the actors actually popped out to chat with people it seemed like it was pretty far away. The press pen, general admission line, and walkway to get to the International Fountain were all in the way.

I was volunteering that night ( On the right I can see my shoulder and hair behind the guy in the blue T-shirt and blazer!) and even though I didn't get to actually talk to any of the cast Clark Gregg quipped in my general direction! My life is complete.

Plus it was awesome checking out people who combined dressing up and nerd fashion-- particularly a 50s cocktail dress meets Captain America.

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