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May 20 2013

On this day 10 years ago Buffy aired its final episode. Here is a link to the UPN promo for "Chosen".

Strange day was that. It felt like end of term on the message boards.
I remember that day as if it were yesterday :(

Shame the UPN promo didn't do it justice. This youtuber made far better episode promos for most of the episodes.
so do i remember it like yesturday.
A silver lining of that sad day was it bringing new audiences into the world of Buffy. For example, I hadn't watched any Buffy episodes during their original airing, but during the ramp up to the final episode I noticed so many editorials lamenting the impending end of the series that I figured the time had come to understand why everyone loved it so much. Ten years later, I'm still hooked.
jw's post May 20th(ish) 2003:

joss says:
(Wed May 21 06:10:05 2003)
Okay, so that was a thing. Thank you for hanging in with me, guys. Now at last, I can tell you guys what happens next tuesday without lying.

1)I will probably have a beer.

2) earth, more or less turning, pretty certain.

3) I might read.

Cool! Now I get why everyone loves spoilers! I totally RUINED my beer-having for people who like surprises! I see now that I was shackled by Buffy, and now I'm free.

Which, oddly enough, is not how I feel.

Hope you liked.


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I wasn't thinking about this until this morning when my alarm went off and saw the date. I immediately thought "hey, Buffy went off the air ten years ago today." So with that sleepy reaction, you can assume my obsessive adoration for this show and the impact it continues to have on my life.
Last week, mental_floss asked what readers' dream Jeopardy! board categories would be. I'll take BtVS on all six.
It's weird, for me because I only joined Whedonesque a bit before that, and even then this was still a new website.

Comparatively, it's kind of strange we're just a couple weeks away from the conclusion of Season 9.
I remember watching Chosen on my crappy fuzzy TV. So hard to believe it was that long ago!
How time flies when you're having fun.

And how it drags when the fun is over...
"I wanna see how it ends" still gives me chills.

It's also pretty epic in that it has (until now at least). Every main-actor from every Joss show in it: Gellar (Buffy), Boreanaz (Angel), Fillion (Firefly) and Dushku (Dollhouse).
And Felicia Day (Dr Horrible).
Really? Ten years?
I wish I could quit you BTVS fandom. I wonder how much more I'd have accomplished in life. ;)
I was grounded and in the eighth grade, when this episode aired. I had to be sneaky as I watched.

I blew my cover during Buffy's dash across the rooftops and uh... got another two weeks put on the punishment. It was worth it, though. It was worth it.
Have to say, I know a lot of people will point out earlier seasons as their favorites for a variety of very strong reasons, but I really, really liked the bow Joss tied Buffy up with in Season 7. Highly satisfying on many fronts, Fillion was fantastic, the ur-vamps were truly horrific, many great individual episodes, etc etc. And what great music they crafted for the final battle, I'm surprised more shows and movies don't try to rip it off.
I loved absolutely everything about the BtVS finale, although I saw it 10 days late because I was on the most exciting trip of my life (and I had threatened the lives of everyone I knew to avoid being spoiled for the finale!). Joss really knows how to do finales, 'Not Fade Away' was incredible, and I loved everything about both 'Epitaph' and 'Epitaph Two: Return'. Of course I never want Marvel's Agents of SHIELD to end, but I know that when it does Joss will blow my socks off!
Thinking back now, people worry about episodes leaking early, now. But those were the days when Buffy and Angel episodes could be viewed ahead by the people with the appropriate access to a certain feed. Remember reading early episode reviews and detailed descriptions before they were actually properly broadcast in the US. I still remember getting episodes through IRC, 1-2 days after the US broadcast, which was a lot of head-start, as the episodes would take 4-6 months before actually arrived in my non-US land.
We were getting full recaps of the shooting scripts six to eight weeks before the episodes aired as well. Mutant Enemy leaked like a sieve. I think it was something to do with stealing the scripts from the mail boxes. Goddard or Petrie said something about that.
There were also leaks of the casting calls, which did get a lot of information about the episodes and the characters it was featuring.
Only 10 years ago? Jeez, I'm getting verklempt all over again.
"Make a choice. Are you ready to be strong?" gives me goosebumps every single time. Of course I wasn't around ten years ago (as a fan, I mean. I'm older than ten ;) but I'm sure I would have been a bit of a wreck after the credits. Buffy's wonderful and meaningful smile at the end notwithstanding. Cheers, Chosen
The grand finale indeed. Every time I think about "Chosen" and then compare it to "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (or even "Prophecy Girl") I get vertigo -- so much distance, so much unity and coherence, so much brilliance.

I was a fan of the show by the time "Chosen" aired, but I think at that point I was still hacking my way through Season Three on disc, so I decided not to watch it -- and didn't get to the end until just about exactly three years later. I was in a brief interlude between college and grad school; I was still on-campus, but everyone was gone, and after mainlining my Chosen Collection DVDs (bought with graduation-present money) I had to go out and wander around the empty school, my mind blown away by what I'd just seen.
Ten years ago!? I can't believe it flew right by us! This show means the world to me and has become a major factor into the person I am today. I watched "Welcome to the Hellmouth" the day it aired and watched ten years ago as Sunnydale crumbled to the ground.

Thank you Joss and Co. for giving me some of the best years of my life!
I was in the Christina Living Program at the local rescue Mission when this aired first-runa nd rerun. In the final scene, I walked up to the tV, kissed my fingers, then tapped the images of SMG, Aly, Iyari, Eliza, and even Michelle I think. I didn't get any comments fortunately.
I've tried a lot in the past 10 years to use words to explain what this show, and the community that has grown from it, means to me. Mostly I've failed. These stories are so empowering to so many different kinds of people. They show us flaws, frailties, and triumphs both in spite and because of them, over and over again, but most of the time in totally novel ways. Even now, my best friends come from this fandom. I flew 3000 miles a couple of weeks ago to see some of them.

Buffy saved my life a lot.

So, here's a tiny thanks to everybody who made it happen. My life would be so much poorer without all of your work and friendship.
Exchanged a few tweets with Willowy, which reminded of 2 videos that were shown at the Buffy Bash organized by AintItCool back then:

They were both in the same style of a lot of fanvids that were being created back in the day. I still have copies of them saved in CDs & DVDs, as they were made available for download back (and still are now, more about this in a bit). They were great as created a very widespread recap about the whole series before watching "Chosen", I remember using them for a big meeting that we organized 2 months after the original showing of Chosen for Brazilian Fans, as we were going to show the episode before Fox (the show was shown back Fox down here) was going to do so, still being 1-2 months behind.

Weirdly, I think we did have FOX's blessing back then (we've already collaborated with the Home Entertainment division on the Season 2 DVD release event), can't quite recall if we even used an official subbed copy from them or if we used fansub copy we arranged, it was probably the latter. Anyway we showed the videos before showing the episode at the event back in July of 2003.

Back to the videos, if I recall correctly Herc credited the creators and linked for the videos ahead of schedule, so other people organizing groups to watch the episode together could also watch the videos in their shindigs.

They're not quite on video sites (found one of them on youtube, but probably wasn't uploaded by the creators), but after some fast googling the site where both videos can be downloaded is still online:

The videos used were the one with Silence and Tonight Tonight. Seems appropriate to check them once again, today. Enjoy.
Thanks for putting those here, Numfar!

Everyone please take a few minutes to read this. It's Hunter Maxin's (Matthew Heitzer's) tribute to Buffy. He used to blog for ScoopMe and nobody loved the show more than he.

It's really beautiful.

Edit/ Thanks for letting me know! Fixed it!

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It's so hard to believe that ten years have gone by, perhaps because I still play the DVDs fairly often. And it's amazing to me how much the episodes still hold up, despite changing technologies, etc. My affection for all the characters remains as strong as ever.
10 years ago I wasn't quite a fan yet. That didn't happen until 2008, five years later.

See a teeny little human being kind of changed everything in 2000 and all I could watch for years were mundane, brainless soap operas and procedurals (litearlly). Dear fluffy PTBs, I couldn't process anything more! Lost brought me back to genre TV.

But, I did watch the finale live and I remember being blown away and wanting more. Obviously, I didn't know that I would indeed find MUCH MUCH more five years later in the multiWhedonverse.

Chosen was truly an amazing season finale. Even being a "drop in" viewer, I knew it was a special moment in TVdom.
What are you linking to Willowy, all I see is a pic of Buffy's face?
Fixed it eddy - thanks! :)

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