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May 20 2013

Tom Hiddleston returns to the Shakespearian stage. He is set to play the title role in a new production of 'Coriolanus' at London's Donmar Warehouse.

Can't wait to get tickets.

The Donmar is where Joss saw Tom as Cassio in 'Othello' so nice to see he's going back there.
It's also where Kenneth Branagh saw him as Cassio, and therefore started their alliance!

I've always wanted to go to London, and I was planning a trip there early next year, so... Here we go! :D
I'd been hoping he'd return to the stage! I was amazed to discover I actually saw him in a production of Cymbeline years ago, although of course I had no idea at the time.

Just a heads up, plays at the Donmar Warehouse tend to sell ridiculously fast. The official website says booking opens on the 25 June.

The website also says there will be a National Theatre Live broadcast of it in January, which is good news too.
Oh, my daughter is doing a theater tour of London in January. I hope she gets to see this!
@bluelark I saw that it was 250 seat auditorium which is tiny. So anticipating hitting the website the minute booking opens.

After failing to get Joss tickets at Glasgow and the BFI this year (five minutes for that to sell out) I'm hoping third time a charm.
On a more Jossy-Shakespearian note - they've added some VUE cinemas to the Much Ado UK website , so it looks like it may be showing in local ones after all! I'd keep checking the website for more updates.

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