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February 28 2004

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku supports fans efforts to save angel Eliza backs the fans with their efforts to save Angel. I guess we just have to have Faith (Sorry couldn't resist!)

I support her efforts to keep wearing tops like that.

I'm a bad man.
jack: I support you, man. Really I do. :)
still say i want SMG!
Was there a story with that article, that picture of her kept distracting me.
I agree with jack, keep wearing those tops.
and i'm a bad woman....

but I did manage to finally read the article.

I want Faith and Willow on the finale, ala Orpheus-I'm still hoping for some weird time/dimension thing that explains why Willow was so confident and un-S7 like.

I made a conscious decision some time ago to ignore the inconsistencies between ANGEL's world and BUFFY's. Willow's far different attitude toward magic is on the list. But how about, ya know, the sun blotting out in LA? Or Jasmine taking over the _entire state of California_? No one in Sunnydale seemed to notice.

Same thing this year with Andrew "informing" Angel and Co. of events in Sunnydale. (Even though Spike had been there for months.)

I just accept it as the necessary consequence of telling two separate stories that just happen to be set in the same mythology.
Damn. What picture? The article loads up for me, but no pic. I still remember when I started watching Buffy in season 3; I figured Faith was the co-star of the show. I don't think the producers will say "no" if she's saying "yes" to a guest shot on Angel.
If you can't see the picture, as I couldn't, turn off Norton (or similiar) and it may appear if you hit refresh.

Mmmm........ Eliza........
yeah I know delavagus, I know...but I still like to imagine. u2prince, my sympathies on not seeing the picture
Yeah, Eliza........*drool*.....hmm....She was fairly scrumptious on Sharon Osbourne too. Arf! Arf! She's my second wife! Really! My first wife approves! (She just has this weird condition to have James Marsters as her second husband. Ah well.)

However I was a little miffed too. On Sharon Osbourne, Eliza was all drooling and swooning over John Mahyer (or however you spell that) and that she looked him up backstage at a concert and gave him a cadbury egg to be his valentine! That's no good!! The mere fact she doesn't know I exist is no excuse!
zz9, thanks. Good God, I have a new wallpaper.
I suppose this mean's that Ms. Dushku's body will shortly be certified as a wonderland....
That was a dress btw - it has a huge flower on the side of it and you have to love Kilborn's comments when she wore it on his show. He was talking about the dress and in reference to the flower belt (the flower is about 6" in diameter and pale in color - so it's quite noticible) - "Love your dress and I guess there is something else to it if I look lower. Right there. Took me awhile to get down there."

I think she also wore that dress to a party after the show and that's where they got the shot from.

Also everytime she was asked this year she said she would love to guest on Angel as Faith - so who knows. However she had already commited herself to Tru before the Faith spin-off was pitched to her (by a day).
You know, there is nothing genuinely risqué about this picture. Sure it shows some healthy cleavage, but it’s tasteful cleavage. Hollywood has painted an ugly picture of our Eliza. I’ll admit that a couple of years ago, I thought she was as dirty as dirty girls get. Why? Because of cheesy crap I have read from people in the general media telling us about all the nasty things she likes to say and do in public. There is nothing stopping these people from making this stuff up or exaggerating it. Recently, I realized I was wrong about her; that crap I read about Eliza is hooey. She has a superb respect for our beloved franchise, and this article is further proof of that.

(whimpers and tears) “When I heard that Angel was cancelled, I was having fruit punch, and I thought well Spike and Angel and those other vampires will NEVER HAVE anymore fruit punch that looks like blood EVER!!! It’s stupid. It’s mortal and stupid, and no one will explain to me WHY!?!?!?” (turns evil and all-powerful and causes computer equipment to overload)
I actually would like to see Faith as a guest. She and Angel have a great friendship and he was there to help her the most when she was so totally gone. Buffy tried to help her but was unable to and it was finally Angel that was the only one who could get through to her. I would've liked to have seen more of her last season after Angel was restored but Willow whisked her away. And if they can't get SMG to guest start, Eliza would be the next best logical choice.
Yeah I think at this point I'd almost prefer Faith or Willow to guest star at the end, if anyone. Buffy's appearance would be very heavily laden, and it would almost impossible for it not to become too much about her. And the only thing most people want to see is the resolving of the 'triangle', but they already said they wouldn't do that anyway.

Faith would be a 'lighter' yet natural choice, having a past with Angel as a friend and fellow 'former evil' and it would also be more relaxed. And in S7 it showed Spike and Faith can have some great scenes.

I just hope Faith isn't in a relationship with Wood now. I was glad Andrew didn't say that in his mentionings. Nothing against Wood, and their scenes together were fun ("You certainly were...'enthused'" Funny stuff) but I honestly didn't see them as a couple.

And Willow....well, who doesn't love Willow, hehe.
Oops, sorry that last post was mine. I was logged in under my wife's name again. I hate it when that happens.
Yeh I have to agree that Faith would be a good choice for the series finale of Angel, but I still think it'd be cool for Sarah to guest star. By, the way, anyone here know how to contact Joss (not snail mail). If so please say!! I would be really greatful! :)
i think its strange that we havent heard any comments from anybody about sarah (even her)........i know they want to keep the ending under low profile but you would think if she said "no" then somebody would have reported it.
I have never heard Eliza say she agreed to do Tru Calling before the Faith show was pitched to her. She has always said she chose to do Tru because it was a challenge and she'd already done Faith for years. And everyone was talking about the Faith possible show for months! How come she didn't hear about it?
I agree Norman. I really don't know whats going on, I heard she doesn't have time but I still can't see why she can't make an appearance. Nobody has even mentioned her and has she even made any comments about Angel being cancelled?
yeah thats what i mean. you think there would have been something mentioned from her about it. but i havent seen anything. and i heard "the grudge" will be done filming this month so that would help the chances of her showing up. i know most people want angel to end on its own, but i think not having buffy there or mentioned would be stupid since angel came from buffy. i know joss said that he planned on asking her, and now we havent heard anything about it, so why not?
I think the bottom line is that she wont do it. Cos I was lucky enough to meet Joss and he said that she can't do it, but that still makes no sense! Why would she not do it. I think she owes Joss and David, as Angel was in the last ep of Buffy, and it fits with the story. Like you said, without Buffy there would be no Angel. Whats going on?!

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